Google Assistant to Be Integrated into Android Messaging App Soon

Google Assistant

Google made an announcement that it will be integrating the Google Assistant into Android Messages “over the coming months”. After the integration, the Message app on Android will use AI to offer suggestions relevant to the conversation without reading the actual text.

Google gave an example in its blog post highlighting how the integration could work. According to Google, if a user is chatting about a movie through Android Message app, they might see a suggestion from Google asking if they wish to learn more about the film. Tapping on the suggestion will pull up a card from Google that will show recent showtimes and reviews about the movie. The other will not be able to see this until the user chooses to share the information with their recipients.

Google is currently planning to implement only three categories as of now, including movies, restaurants, and weather. The feature will be available to the Android devices in the next few months but will only be limited to English users.

Google has not made any announcements for any other languages other than English. So users who prefer other languages would have to wait.

Google also claims that it will not be reading the contents of the text but will only offer suggestion chips through a local analysis of what the users are chatting about. The only information that would be shared with Google will be chip selected and shared by users themselves.



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