Microsoft partners with ARM to improve AI innovation for IoT products

UK chipmaker SoftBank-owned ARM has joined hands with Microsoft to make Azure-based tools to help developers transfer data from ARM-based Internet of Things or IoT devices to Azure cloud.

The partnership would help developers to target a large range of ARM-based devices like AI gateways, intelligent appliances, intelligent computer-vision-enabled cameras and connected vehicles. The industry is at present moving at a fast speed with 30 billion active IoT devices around the world with 400% growth in the last three years.

Moe Tanabian, the Vice President and General Manager of Azure Edge Devices said that ARM’s leading silicon architecture combined with their broad ecosystem and commitment to optimize the experiences of developers would enable this partnership to increase AI innovation for IoT devices by providing better solutions and better future for end-users.

Image Source : The Hans India

In one of the largest tech deals, graphics company NVIDIA announced in the month of September this year that they are acquiring ARM for $40 billion and aims to create a premier computing company for the age of AI or Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft is also working with silicon ecosystem for launching Azure-Ready Silicon programme.

Microsoft also said in a blog post that they are committed to help foster innovation and diversity within the broader silicon and device ecosystems and making it easy, fast and cost-effective for their customers.

Their collaboration with ARM is to facilitate an end-to-end AI toolchain for simplifying that development is an important part of this strategy.