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List of Most Popular, top AI Tools For Marketers

AI and Marketing

“AI is destined to be the perfect tool to fuel organizations’ sales efforts and power sales teams with genuinely intelligent tools to more effectively organize their work and sell more.”

                          – Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist and Startup Advisor

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly becoming an integral part of many industries, including marketing. Getting desired results from marketing is becoming tougher every day. With a crowded online space, it takes a lot more than sweat and blood to get brand visibility, let alone real customers. And the problem multiplies because of the plethora of marketing channels and the need to be everywhere. By now, insightful marketers may already be aware of Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AI Marketing) which can be said as the newest wave of data-driven marketing strategy that is taking the digital world by storm.

How AI is changing Markting

It may seem a bit strange to some, machines increasingly replacing (or supplement) human intelligence. In our everyday life, however, artificial intelligence has long since arrived and is widely accepted, depending on the field of application. In times of big data and driven by AI, the job of the marketer is not to collect enough data about the customer. Rather, it consists of efficiently evaluating the data and deriving concrete recommendations for action from them. AI is already one of the most important technology today. Self-driving cars and robots are just a few of the hottest examples of artificial intelligence currently being discussed. In fact, the terminology of artificial intelligence has existed for over 60 years, describing technologies and systems that can learn how to act using large amounts of data.

Marketers always have the same question when it comes to artificial intelligence:

“How do I get started with AI?”

Well, the best answer to that question is just simply experiment with AI-powered marketing tools, look and see what you can incorporate into your own marketing workflows. And in the process, you will get to learn how AI tools actually tend to make the tasks of any marketer so much easier.

So, here in this following list, we will be discussing the best AI tools marketers can use to ease off their workload.

Highly recommendable AI tools for Marketers n 2019:

  1. Albert:

Albert for digital marketers

Albert is an autonomous platform that uses AI in the form of predictive analytics, machine learning, natural language processing and other proprietary algorithms to execute seamlessly across all channels, paid and non-paid, including email, mobile, social, search and display. It breaks down massive chunks of data for marketing agencies to use in designing campaigns tailor-made to their client’s current needs.

2. MarketMuse:

MarketMuse is an AI driven tool for analyzing contentMarketMuse is a helpful resource for competitive analysis, SEO, and content research, and makes the process faster. It accelerates content creation and optimization so that you can win in organic search. Marketers can use the free version of this tool to analyze and fill in content gaps.

This cloud-based software allows content creators to analyze the relevance of a page relative to any particular topic or a niche and then provides a report of the keyword consistency along with recommendations for improvements required.

3. Grammarly:

Grammarly is a writting AI assistant to help with grammar of the content.

Grammarly is another example of simple but effective AI. It is a proofreading tool. Grammarly makes it easy to perfect your writing in minutes, rather than spend hours poring over every word. It flags up your typos as you write emails and blog posts in the browser and compile reports of your most common mistakes so you naturally become a better writer over time.

It scans content to identify grammar mistakes, write mistake-free on Gmail, social media, and many more platforms. It is accurate and offers context-specific suggestions to improve your written content.

4. Crayon:

Crayon Homepage

It takes a lot of manual effort and time to track your competitor’s content on a large number of social media platforms. However, with Crayon which uses artificial intelligence to take the effort out of analyzing competition across many online channels, this tracking becomes a lot easier. The tool puts competition data in a single dashboard, assisting marketers to make quick strategic decisions. It features daily email digests to keep marketers aware of the latest industry updates and moves related info to product pricing, new launches, reviews, etc. Market and competitive intelligence tools to track, analyze, and act on everything happening outside of the four walls of your business.

5. Nudge:Nudge is a sales relationship Ai tool

Nudge is a Modern Sales Platform that uses AI to provide sales teams with actionable insights on their target customers. It is a great tool for those who are looking to maintain a personal connection with their customers in an organized way. It helps you to coordinate with your sales team in order to design the right outreach for different audiences. It accesses new accounts, analyzes deal risk, and measures account health.

6. Conversica:

Features of Conversica

Conversica is an AI Sales Assistant that helps organizations in finding and securing customers more quickly and efficiently by automatically contacting, engaging, qualifying and following up with leads via natural, multi-channel, two-way conversations until the lead converts into an opportunity. It’s not only faster at identifying sales leads, but also at closing the loop on post-sales follow-ups by creating a personalized experience for customers automatically. This allows sales pros to be freed up and focus on the actual selling.

7. Calibermind:

Calibermind Homepage

CaliberMind is a Customer Data Platform for B2B that unifies customer data from marketing, sales, and service channels to drive sales. It connects, unlocks, and activates data to help high-growth B2B SaaS organizations to acquire new buyers, grow revenue, and improve customer experience.

8. Narrative Science’s Quill:

Quill Ai powered tool

Quill from Narrative Science is a natural language generator for enterprise organizations including sales teams to automatically read your data and provide you with the aspects most important to your customers. It analyzes online and digital data to identify the facts, words, and language that are important to your sales organization. It then produces content for your sales organization that meets your business rules and style preferences like tone, style, formatting, and the words you use.


Cortex Homepage

Cortex offers competitor content analysis but the focus here is on their social media efforts. It predicts how humans react to any content and it also improves post engagement. Other features of Cortex are:

  • It builds a social publishing calendar targeted for specific hashtags and keywords.
  • Keeps up with your competitor’s social media efforts.
  • Allows you to gain more clicks and engagement.

10. Emarsys:

Emarsys DashboardEmarsys is a B2C marketing platform that offers brands to deliver truly personal customer interactions across email, mobile, social, SMS, and web – at scale. It helps you to create personalized chat interactions for your client’s customers when they visit any media platforms they own. It understands each contact as an individual customer and executes highly personalized campaigns at scale, providing AI solutions.

11. Chorus:

Chous helps to gather customer data. Chorus is an AI platform that helps marketers gather customer data by recording, transcribing and analyzing sales calls in real-time. It takes call notes and puts them into the organization’s CRM tool. Chorus helps create an information backlog that’s replete with customer insights and preference. Chorus has the capability to break down a 1-hour call into a 5-minute highlight by providing actionable feedback and helping a deal move forward. It allows sales teams to ramp new hires faster by building custom training programs by using highlight reels of their best reps’ best moments.

12. Troops:

Troops Hompage Troops helps sales pros to automate their workflow aligns sales teams with cross-functional teams including marketing, product management, and other teams. It helps to pull out information from Salesforce and makes it easy to use, publicize, and transform in a Slack channel. Troops centralizes information for sales pros in one spot ranging from auto report generations that are published in Slack to searching for Salesforce customer information in a specialized Slack channel. Sales managers enjoy Troops because of its easy, no-coding-required way that can integrate Salesforce in Slack, create new reports, dashboards, and also offers alerts that keep their teams informed about what’s going on in real-time.

13. Lexalytics:

Lexalytics Ai powered toolLexalytics is a powerful tool for marketers that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help you learn to use your marketing language in a way that has a greater impact on different audience segments. It is Text analytics & Survey Analysis with customizable Sentiment Analysis, Categorization & Named Entity Extraction tool. This platform leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to allow enterprises to create custom analytics solutions to address their unique data problems.

Its key features are:

  • Offers solutions for customer service, social media, and product management
  • Can be plugged into Excel
  • Has its own Cloud API


Unmetric Homepage

Unmetric keeps you constantly updated ab the performance of your client’s brand across all social media platforms. Unmetric’s XIA AI can pull in billions of data points within minutes, thereby helping you immediately target your best-performing campaigns. Xia unlocks the secrets of your competitor’s content marketing success and points you in the right direction by informing you about the kind of content that would get similar results for your own business.

15. Acrolinx:

Acrolinx analyzes content.

Acrolinx is an AI-powered platform used for content governance in an organization that uses a unique linguistic analytics engine to “read” all of your content and provides immediate guidance to improve it accordingly. It works in different languages including Chinese, French, and Japanese and can also be used with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and other content writing tools. It helps you to increase conversion rates on advertising for your clients.

16. Optmyzr:

Optmyzer Adwod managment tool.

Optmyzr is impressive automation and machine learning tool. It makes essentials like bid adjustments, keyword management, A/B testing and other optimizations simple – without the programming requirements. It keeps up with bids and any adjustments made. It further creates individual dashboards for different accounts and also helps build out customized workflows.

17. Sensai:

Sensai is a social marketing tool

Sensai is a social marketing insights and recommendations platform that analyses the effectiveness of your social posts and guides you towards creating a strategy that brings in a bigger audience. It helps you to understand which post will get the best response from your target audience, allowing you to design better messaging in your efforts.

It works on popular platforms like Instagram and Twitter and takes guessing out of your analysis by providing you with a clear explanation of all your results.

18. Onespot:

Onespot for marketers

Onespot is a technology platform designed for agencies for personalizing content marketing across websites, email, paid media, and more. It also provides suggestions for improving editorial strategy based on machine learning.

It uses AI analysis to develop different content strategies and increases email responses with headlines designed to attract attention. This NLP-powered AI tool tells you how your efforts affect a client’s bottom line.

19. Phrasee:

Pharsee is an email marketing tool

Phrasee is an intelligent email marketing tool. It uses artificial intelligence to generate brand-compliant marketing language on a client-to-client basis. Phrasee is AI that writes better subject lines, Facebook ads and push messages. Phrasee uses NLP to come up with better marketing text for ad campaigns.

Other key features include:

  • The AI keeps learning from the evolving needs of your customer’s audiences.
  • Can tailor itself to the unique voice of your client.
  • Helps generate more money-making interactions.

20. Curata:

Curata Homepage

Curata gives your content engine a boost with the insights provided by its AI-powered analysis. It builds software to help content marketers grow leads and revenue. This software helps its users in promoting the content across online channels and allows marketing professionals to edit curated content and give their brand a voice before promoting it and helps you keep your campaign efforts organized.


So now we know how with the help of AI-powered tools, you can let the software do the work of analyzing your customer data and other time taking and important tasks such as proofreading, content creation, ads campaign management. These are a few tools that can really help out the marketers and anyone who has knowledge of these AI tools is surely one step ahead of their competitor.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and hopefully, it also proves of some help to marketers out there. Do let me know in the comments sections if you guys want me to add any other tools so that it can help someone out.

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  • Great Artcile. Looking to see if any other content writers have tried writing in the INK FOR ALL application? Started writing with this one recently after switching among a bunch content tools to check my editorial pieces for years. Really love its recommendations on grammar and optimization for Google. I can’t live without it. Already experiencing successes for our clients.

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