Action Launcher v40 comes with new Action Search feature

Action Launcher in its latest version v40 brings a new logo — which users have seen for a little while already — some bug fixes, vertical screen padding, and some massive additions to search with the new Action Search feature, which will allow you to search more deeply within your own device as well as improved web searches from Action Launcher’s search bars. Action Search will also allow you to set alternative search engines for your web searches such as Duck Duck Go and Bing.

The real deal of this update, however, is search which comes in two forms. First is the broader Action Search that lets you perform “deep search” across apps, contacts, and even in-app search history or settings. In the case of searching for Action Launcher’s own settings, you can even flick the switch right from the search results.

Action Search will also support Action Web Search which is a custom-built, Action Launcher-themed web search option that Developer Chris Lacy is exploring as an alternative revenue option. He’s detailed both the reasonings and the methodologies for Action Search and Action Web Search in detail, and he makes a lot of valid points in the post that you absolutely should go read. However, Action Launcher has never had any concept of a user account or login. Action Launcher is incapable of linking the apps you load to your identity, and the same is true of your web searches.

Action Search is now available for all users — whether one has Plus or not — but there are some restrictions on the search engines you can use it with if you have not purchased an Action Launcher 2019 Supporter Pack. The v40 update rolls out this afternoon.


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