Android 11 is not yet available for Pixel phones in India; check details

Image Source : VentureBeat

The update for Android 11 has already been rolled out but Google is not yet making it available for Pixel phones in India, not even through an over-the-air update or a factory image download. This also covers all the models eligible for Android 11 update like Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4a. The beta users of Android 11 can install the new version but their numbers have been claimed to be small in comparison to those upgrading from the public release of Android 10.

The Pixel 4a is not receiving any update in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Singapore. The shipping won’t be done officially till the month of October and the update of Android 11 has been denied for Pixel devices only in this country. Google still hasn’t said anything about why the roll out of Android 11 is taking so much time in India. Carrier deals are definitely not available for Pixel in India but the introduction of Wi-Fi calling by Airtel and Jio would delay updates because network providers test compatibility.

Image Source : Techlicious

However, it can be expected still that the delay might be a short one. Android lovers would definitely not like the news of the delay. People purchase Pixel phones so that they can get the updates first before others, but now the wait for the introduction of Android 11 in India will surely be a painful one.


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