How to Fix ACMarket App Not Installed Error

The Android platform has always been far more open than any other mobile operating system, and it offers an app store packed with thousands of apps, games, utilities and more to choose from. But it isn’t the only option. ACMarket is an unofficial alternative that offers a ton of modified apps and games, al free and all without having to root your device.

Millions of people already use ACMarket on their devices but, while it is a stable app and is reliable, some users have encountered an error where, despite following the how-to instructions carefully, AC Market Download doesn’t work. We understand that this is frustrating for users and have come up with a couple of ways that you can resolve the error.

How to Fix ACMarket Not Installed:

While this is an irritating and frustrating error, resolving it is easy enough to do. We have found four different ways to do it although not all of these will work for all users. So, start with Method 1 and work through them in order until you come to one that fixes it for you:

Method 1: Clear Package Installer Data and Cache

This one seems to work for most users:

  1. Open your Android Settings app and tap on App (or Manage Apps)
  2. Tap on System and then find and tap Package Installer
  3. Click on Clear Data and then Clear Cache (For Marshmallow v6.0 users, look under Storage

If this doesn’t fix it for you, head to the next method

Method 2: Enable Unknown Sources

Usually, this option is disabled by default, but it must be enabled for any third-party content to be installed:

  1. Open Android Settings
  2. Tap Security and then find Unknown Sources
  3. Make sure the box next to it is checked to enable it
  4. Close Settings and go back to ACMarket – it should work.
  5. If it doesn’t, delete it
  6. Keeping Unknown Sources enabled, reinstall it and try again

Method 3: Rooted Devices Only

This one is a bit trickier and is only for those who have rooted their devices:

  1. Open the browser on your rooted device
  2. Find a root explorer app and download it
  3. Open the app and copy the .apk file
  4. Open Settings > System and go to App
  5. Make sure your explorer app has permissions enabled and close settings
  6. You should find ACMarket is now installed and working

Method 4: Clear Space

The last thing to do is to remove anything from your device that you don’t need and free up some space. Uninstall any apps that you don’t use, delete files you don’t need, move your media (videos, photos, etc.) onto an external storage device and generally have a clear out before installing ACMarket and trying again.

Also, do not install it onto your SD card – the Package Installer may not be able to read the APK files, and it will not install so stick with using internal storage only.

Hopefully at least one of these methods will help you to get ACMarket installed and running on your device. Let us know how you get on and whether you run into any other problems and follow us on Facebook for more tips and recommendations.



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