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Google Has Added Pandora and YouTube Music as Alarm Options on Android

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Google has added Pandora and YouTube Music as alarm options to the Google clock app, Android’s default alarm clock. The feature was added with version 6.1 of the app and was announced by the Twitter accounts of both Pandora and YouTube Music app.

Notably, this is not the first time that users can stream music as an alarm using the app. Spotify was the first app to gain the support for the feature, making it the first app to get the feature. However, users who are subscribed to YouTube Music and Pandora will see the function for the first time. That includes Google Play Music subscribers as well who already get free access to YouTube Music Premium as part of their subscription. and who Google is planning to transition onto their service later this year.

To put the streaming music as the alarm clock, users will have to update their alarm clock and then head to the alarm section and tapping on the sound option underneath any given alarm. Each music service will be given its own tab, within which users can select from popular playlists or else search from its entire library.

Google has been rapidly growing its Assistant to include a wider variety of appliances including smart home devices. The company has made a number of announcements regarding its integration of Assistant and it is likely to roll out the updates by the end of this year. Recently, Google has announced that it will be integrating Assistant to the Android Message App. 

Google gave an example in its blog post highlighting how the integration could work. According to Google, if a user is chatting about a movie through Android Message app, they might see a suggestion from Google asking if they wish to learn more about the film. Tapping on the suggestion will pull up a card from Google that will show recent showtimes and reviews about the movie. The other will not be able to see this until the user chooses to share the information with their recipients.



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