Google Assistant adds more visual answers, search tools, and results on Android

google assistant

Google visually refreshed its Assistant last year with multiple UI elements that were first introduced to Smart Display. Some of the notable features included a visual snapshot and redesigned responses that include images and sometimes on-screen controls. Now, Google is making the Assistant responses on Android more visually appealing.

The focus of the update is to provide “better visual responses and more complete information at a glance.” With the update, cards will now provide “key information” that users are looking for in a straightforward way with better formatting.

Google updated some answers with the redesign last year like weather and smart home controls, however, others are yet to be refreshed. This design improvement comes as Google found in 2018 that nearly half of the users interact with Assistant through both voice and touch input.

Google Assistant, especially on Google Home, is able to provide users with a direct answer to their queries in the form of a featured snippet. Sometimes, the results take the form of a long list and can not be answered in a single sentence. With the update today, these lists will look less generic and will become easier to glance and read through. They may also be accompanied by a carousel of images when needed.

Google Assistant

As for other results, Google Assistant will only display 10 blue links from search results. Earlier this was provided as a horizontal carousel, however, with the recent update, it is provided as a list that is easier to go through and features more text. Google also notes that, not unlike regular search results, link ads might appear here.

Google Assistant

Other queries will draw visual results as well including stock quotes that feature an inline graph and are fully interactive down to the range. A set of new stories, including AMP articles, can also be seen below the chart.

The event experience is also getting updated and will now feature map or image preview, and filters. Users can also save events through Google’s built-in bookmarking feature. Assistant is also getting new search tools such as tip calculator, metronome music pacer, HEX color picker, and bubble level.

Google Assistant

All of these visual and interactive updates are rolling out to Assistant on Android today.



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