Google might replace Android’s back button with gesture in Android Q


Google, Android Pie, introduced a new navigation system based on gestures that essentially replaced the navigation buttons. It goes without saying that some people did not seem to like the gesture control navigation feature and preferred to stick with on-screen buttons. Some OEMs like Samsung even replaced the whole thing with their design and this undoubtedly sent a message to Google, as the company has started to rethink the implementation of gesture control on is OS, seemingly getting inspired from iOS. Despite the inspiration, the company kept the back button, which created an inconsistency between buttons and gestures. With Android Q, however, rumors have it that Google is looking forward to removing the virtual keys altogether, essentially creating a fully swipe-based navigation system.

A new video showcasing the swipe gesture on Android Q has been revealed and it looks like Google is going the Apple way. The video reveals that the latest build of Android Q lets you swipe from the edge of the phone to go back, as seen on the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR. Interestingly, Android Q allows users to swipe from either side of the screen to go back but the arrow points left in both the cases, which confirms that the feature is being implemented as a replacement for the back button.

However, this is still an experimental functionality and has not been enabled by default. In fact, it is not clear if the feature will actually make it to the final build of the Android, especially considering this might contradict with the already existing gesture controls on Android such as the one to open the hamburger menu. Nevertheless, the fact that Google is testing the feature means Android Q might at least have the option to go full swipe-based navigation on your devices.




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