Google Pixel’s lockscreen feature to be available on all Android phones this month


Google, having a monopoly on Android, reserves some of the features of the operating systems for its Pixel smartphone line-up. While the Pixel phones are packed with innovative features from Android, some of these features make their way to other Android smartphones. Google’s Nightvision, for example, was made available for Oneplus devices after it was introduced to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

One such feature that is so far reserved for the Pixel phones is the ability to trigger Google Assistant directly from the lock screen. However, Google has recently confirmed that this Pixel exclusive feature will soon be available to other Android phones.

Google said that in the upcoming weeks it will make the feature available to all Android smartphones. The users will have to select this option from settings in order to use the lock screen Google Assistant. Once enabled, users can use the Google Assistant via the locked screen and there won’t be a need to unlock the device. This will help users to find restaurants, set alarms, schedule reminders without having to unlock the phone.

This new update will be rolled out worldwide in stages and Google says the feature will be available to all Android phones by the end of this month.

Google is developing its Assistant as the next form of operating system, an OS that is entirely based on voice commands. At CES 2019, Google made a number of announcements related to the development of the Google Assistant and its application on various upcoming devices. Google also introduce a new Interpreter mode for the Assistant that helps translate spoken words from a selected number of languages to other languages in real time. Apart from this, Google also announced the incorporation of the Assistant in Smart Clocks and Cars.

Google said the Assistant will be available to 1 billion devices by the end of this month.

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