Google Play Store is testing ‘Simultaneous App Downloads’ and ‘Internal App Sharing’

Google Play Store can be considered as the most important tool for anyone with an Android smartphone which allows users to download and update popular apps and is the biggest marketplace for apps on the Android platform. Now, the Play Store itself could be getting an important update, which will allow the users to download and update multiple apps simultaneously (‘Simultaneous App Downloads’), thus fixing a major limitation that has existed for years now.

Simultaneous app downloads isn’t the only new feature spotted in the updated version of the Play Store — there’s also internal app sharing. The feature lets a developer share a rough version of an app or app update to those invited to an internal test channel.

Simultaneous app downloads:

Up until now, the Play Store has downloaded apps in a row: one app starts, and when it’s done, the next app begins downloading. Simultaneous app downloads should have been a thing years ago, but they’re only finally starting to show up. If you have multiple apps waiting to update, tap to update all and watch what happens.     

Google is pushing out this update server side, which means it’s impossible to force it and some users will see it on their device before others.

Internal app sharing:

There’s now an ‘Internal app sharing’ toggle on the Play Store. This is the internal test channel that,  is usually meant for developers in large companies so they’re able to test apps among their team. The toggle lets users “download and install test versions apps that are shared with you,” according to the page. To allow this feature, go to the ‘Settings’ menu and down towards ‘Play Store version’ and tap it approximately five times.

Play Protect interface:

When Play Protect showed up and later made its way to the Play Store, it had a simple one-page interface. We don’t know when exactly a new interface rolled out, but it’s different now, for everyone. The main Protect UI still has the recently scanned apps, but the settings to scan the device and improve harmful app detection have been moved to a different screen. I’m not sure why this had to be changed. The one-page layout was alright since there aren’t too many settings.


These new changes, as well as simultaneous app downloads and internal app sharing, might not all be available for everyone yet.


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