Opera v55 for Android brings Super Dark Mode

Opera Browser with SuperDark Mode

Opera is the oldest mobile browser, we have used it on simple keypad mobile to Android smartphones. It used to be the first choice for browsing. Opera was the first browser to introduce Night Mode in an Internet Browser. But with the increasing competition, people switched to other browsers. Opera Software has now released an updated version of the browser. The key feature of this version browser is redesigned Dark Mode that can be customized.

Opera v55 with customisable Dark Mode While many apps offer a ‘dark mode’ that simply swaps white for shades of black and gray, the new Opera lets you choose exactly how dark the browser should look, and change the color temperature to reduce the amount of blue light emitted by the screen. Opera is calling it Super Dark Mode. Users can change the dark mode in the browser’s settings. There are some more customization options in the settings:

  • Change the color temperature to alter blue light emission.
  • Change the dimming.
  • Toggle the use of the dark theme.
  • Enable dark web pages. The feature enables a dark theme for sites that don’t support dark themes by default.
  • Enable the new dim keyboard feature; this requires additional permission as the browser uses an overlay to dim the keyboard on the device.
  • Schedule Night Mode so that it is enabled during a specific period, e.g. from sunset to sunrise or custom period.

The Opera Browser version 55 is available on Play Store and on the official website of Opera.


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