Samsung provides software update for Galaxy S10, Note 10 in order to fix fingerprint recognition problem

Samsung HQ

A few days back a vulnerability was found in the premium Samsung devices which includes Galaxy S10, Note 10. Through this vulnerability fingerprint sensor of these smartphones start allowing even an unauthorized finger to open the device.

Now, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Wednesday has updated software to fix problems with fingerprint recognition features on its flagship Galaxy S10 and Note 10 smartphones.

The company also send an apology note to its customer regarding the issue via its customer support app Samsung Members and told its Galaxy phone users to update their biometric authentication to the latest software version.

The whole incidence comes after a British user told The Sun newspaper that a bug on her Galaxy S10 allowed it to be unlocked regardless of the biometric data registered in the device.

Samsung on this issue said that this can happen when patterns appearing on certain protectors that come with silicon cases are recognised along with fingerprints.

“Samsung Electronics takes the security of products very seriously and will make sure to strengthen security through continuous improvement and updates to enhance biometric authentication functions,” the company said on its Korean app.

After that company has faced a lot of criticism by tech reviewers. Videos on tech community websites show Galaxy devices can be unlocked through silicon protectors using a persimmon or a small doll. The Bank of China has pulled fingerprint payments from certain Samsung devices and Alipay’s fingerprint payment verification function app has been temporarily suspended for some Galaxy devices.

Samsung said it would send notifications for software updates to Galaxy S10 and Note 10 users who have registered their biometric data.


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