Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Best Street Food joints in Mumbai

Mumbai as a city may be known for its shopping destinations and its famous getaways. But if there’s one thing about Mumbai that has been heard of, far and wide, then it is Mumbai’s Chaat Chaska. Bindiya Chotrani lists down a few of the Mumbai street foods, that will keep you yearning for more.

Mumbai – a Mystery.

Mumbai - a mystery. Right from the people who are born to the ones who visit. But no one feels like a visitor, everyone feel like a MUMBAIKAR !!

The Home called MUMBAI !

The home called Mumbai where everyone wants to live their dreams. This is where one not only wants to feel successful but also happy !

Most popular spots in Mumbai for Street-Shopping

Mumbai is a shopper's Eden. it's the perfect place to indulge into some retail therapy. Bindiya Chotrani tells you more about this shopper's utopia.

Most popular slangs spoken in Mumbai

Mumbai has a side to it that is defined through slangs, cuss words and the typical Bambaiya language used by taporis or otherwise. Bindiya Chotrani delves deeper into the many facets of Mumbai and gives you an insight into a disdained side of this city.

Things which make Mumbai the City of Dreams

Mumbai has labors, and millionaires; prolific film industries and slums. Mumbai is the fashion capital and a pulse point of religious tension. Mumbai holds possession of paraphernalia that cannot be replicated ever. Find out what delineates and defines Mumbai...

The timeline of today’s Mumbai

The timeline of today's Mumbai revolves around the people and the dreams that they live. Also does the history make a great difference.

Best Places for Sight-Seeing in Mumbai

If Mumbai is about the pollution, the fast-paced life, the never-ending traffic, it is about hidden treasures and gems too. And if on reading this you delve into a contemplation of sorts and fail to figure out those, then read on... You’ll know that Mumbai, meri jaan, is not devoid of sights worth seeing, says Bindiya Chotrani

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