10 Benefits of Roadside Assistance Cover in Your Two-Wheeler Policy


Being stuck in the center of a busy road with a broken two-wheeler can be the worst nightmare. Calling friends and family who might be miles away, seems to be the only possible solution to get out of that situation. Thankfully, with the services of ‘Roadside Assistance’, such issues need no longer scare you.

How does Roadside Assistance Work?

Roadside assistance is a service that the manufacturing company or the two-wheeler insurance company provides the customers. If in case your two-wheeler breaks down, due to a technical fault or after an accident, you just need to call the helpline and help would reach you soon. Many two-wheeler insurance companies are now offering Roadside Assistance to their customers

How Much Does Roadside Assistance Cost?

When you buy your bike insurance policy you would have the option to add-on the facility of roadside assistance. In case of a newly purchased bike insurance policy the service may be complimentary, else the age of the two-wheeler decides how much the service would cost you. When you buy an online two wheeler insurance, the insurance company may include it in the bike insurance policy or offer it as a separate add-on service.

Let us take a look at the benefits of Roadside Assistance:


Whether its due to an accident or some technical fault, your two-wheeler will be towed to the nearest service station/ garage. Most companies tow the two-wheeler up to a distance of 50 km for free.

Jump Start for Battery

In case the battery of your two-wheeler has died, the technician who comes can either give the vehicle with a jump start or provide your vehicle with an alternate battery.

Spare Key Arrangement

In case you have lost or misplaced your bike keys, the insurer can either arrange a spare key from your house or office or tow your vehicle to your house or office.

Flat Tyre Service

In case of a flat tire, the roadside assistance mechanic will be sent to replace the tire for you.

Assistance over the Phone

Many times all you need is a little guidance in case of a breakdown or any other issue that you may face during the ride.

Arranging Rental Vehicle

A taxi service may be provided to you while the vehicle goes for repair. The technician will make arrangements for the two-wheeler to be towed and you can go to your destination tension-free.

Minor Repairs

Certain electrical or technical faults may require only minor repairs. For such cases, the technician sent by the insurance company can repair the vehicle on the spot.

Emergency fuel

Though all the vehicles have the fuel tank notifications, sometimes a little negligence can make the two-wheeler run out of fuel. In such a case, the insurance company will get fuel delivered to you on the spot.

Arranging Accommodation

Sometimes, it happens that the vehicle break-down occurs at a place where there is no service station/ garage within a 100 km radius, or the time of repair is going to be more than 12 hours. In such a scenario, certain two wheeler insurance companies provide the customers with free accommodation of up to INR 5,000.

Relaying Messages

During an emergency, if you wish, the insurance company can help you in communicating urgent messages on your behalf to your friends/ family.

The Bottom Line

So, the next time you plan to buy an online two wheeler insurance, do not forget to find out the details of roadside assistance. The above-mentioned benefits are a general outline of the facilities given by most of the bike insurance companies, but it is recommended that you find out what services are included in the bike insurance policy that you choose.


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