Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

There are no shortcuts when it comes to selling an old car, which must be acknowledged. You must go through the selling procedure methodically in order to avoid problems in the future, such as potential legal issues brought on by an incomplete transfer of ownership. In order to assist you, here are some suggestions to sell your car online that will help you win the approval of the potential buyer!

1. Take pictures from a variety of perspectives.

When any buyer finds your car interesting he will surely check out the current condition of the car by looking at the pictures. You have to click the pictures of your car from every possible angle in order to provide the buyer enough assurity that he is going for the right option. Ensure that you get the pictures showing the front and back sides of the car, engine, wheels and rims, along with all the interiors of the car.

2. Create A Persuasive Ad: 

This step only applies if you want to sell car online on your own through ads. Spend the time and energy necessary to create a compelling description of your car. You should keep in mind that the forum where you will be posting it will contain a number of other advertisements. Therefore, incorporating a catchy headline, a thorough description, and vibrant photos will help you stand out. You may also concentrate on the vehicle’s key selling point.

3. Understanding the value of your car

All of us adore our vehicles, and many of us believe that ours is “special.” The reality, however, is that every car goes through depreciation that lowers the value your car is worth. Age, mileage, condition, and service history all have an impact on a car’s worth, but market prices are the main factor.

In today’s digital world it is easier than ever to get a price valuation for your car in seconds. Online car valuation tools from platforms like Spinny provide a price estimate for your car taking into account the price for similar cars. This gives you a fair idea of the price you can set for your car when you sell car online.

4. Number of prior owners

To sell car online, the number of prior owners is another element that influences the price of your car. To start, you should be clear about how many owners the car has had. Keep in mind that the ownership count will only increase if the vehicle is re-registered in a person’s name. It won’t be considered distinct ownership if your buddy or family has been driving the car without transferring ownership.

5. Complete Service History

Try to maintain an accurate service history for your car. Provide the buyer with a valid service record that demonstrates how well you have maintained and cared for your vehicle. Additionally, you can inform them of any significant repairs by focusing just on the service history. Among all the advice in this post to sell car online, this is the most crucial.

6. Clean the vehicle

You can give the vehicle a makeover by changing the floor mats and cleaning up the interior. You can get this done at an authorized service station if necessary. Giving the inside a clean, fresh aroma can help any buyer see the car’s condition in a clean state and also helps sell the car.


Selling a car used to be a hectic process that involved numerous hassles in the process. With digital technologies, it is now possible to sell car online with little hassle. Following the suggestions mentioned above will ensure you can sell your car for the best price. Additionally, selling your car to platforms like Spinny not only gives you the best price but also comes with benefits like secure RC transfer and same day payment.

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