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To Aston Martin it seems like “radical thinking” is a staple. Each car in terms of design breaks commonly accepted limits of innovation. Now, to establish another profound benchmark in the automotive world the Aston Martin revealed the DB11 in the Geneva motor show. The DB11 is believed to be available in India in the beginning of 2017.


The car sits on a magnanimous 5.2 Liter V-12 engine. Coupled with two turbochargers it delivers a a solid 600 BHP off tune. The reduction of the engine size from 6 to 5.2 along with the addition of turbochargers was instrumental to achieving lower emissions and higher economy, another effort by Aston Martin to make the world a greener place. 0 to 100 kph is dealt with in an eventful 3.9 seconds, and keeps going till 320 kph through an eight speed gear box.db-11-engine

DB11’s Exterior Appearance

The iconic front grill of the DB11 is rejuvenated with a bolder charm. The clamshell bonnet and the aeroblade are the new innovations, that the DB11 is equipped with.  These additions don’t just add to the charisma of the car but also, enhance the performance by cleverly removing the need for a rear spoiler. The DB11 is made of an aluminum chassis that combines strength and lightness and takes the safety of the DB lineage to unprecedented heights.db11-front


The DB11 has been given a refreshed take on the traditional Aston Martin design. The elegantly crafted interiors are designed to exhilarate.  It is not just a sport car that can push your heart out of position, it is also provided with a few practical courtesies like a well spaced boot, larger door apertures, extra headroom and other such that make the car briefly practical. All the upholstery as expected is shaped by hand using nothing but the finest.  The instrument cluster is kept simple yet elegant. All this combined the DB11 is a better space to spend time in compared to it’s predecessors.



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