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Bentley Delivers Best Sales Figure Ever In FY 2020

Bentley Delivers Best Ever Sales Figure in 2020

Image Source: Business Transformation

In 2020, the Automobile industry was one of the worst-hit industries in the entire world. However, the impact of the ongoing pandemic was different on everyone. Well! Leaving behind the negatives let us straight away jump towards the positive. You know why? Because Bentley has sold around 11,206 units this year and these sales figures are the best delivered by the British marque ever.

When almost every carmaker was facing a massive sales drop, Bentley did quite well and sold around 11,206 units in FY 2020 when compared to 11,006 units in FY 2019. This is a straight 2% growth when compared to the previous year for the British carmaker. However, Bentley has been selling over 10,000 units for the past eight years that depicts its stronghold over the luxury car market. Another interesting fact about the luxury carmaker is that it is already 101 years old in the business.

For 2020, Bentayga was the most selling car from the Bentley lineup and it contributed around 37% in total sales. Further, even the Continental GT and GT Convertible did quite well with a combined contribution of 39% in total sales. Apart from this, Bentley aced in the USA from 2,913 units to a massive 3035 units with a growth percentage of 4.2%. The carmaker did outperformed in China as well with a major 48.5 %growth in sales. However, as per the data, countries such as the UK, Europe and the Middle East observe a decline in the sales figure when compared to FY 2019.

Bentley’s Plan For 2021

Further, Bentley is expected to introduce 2 new cars in India this year, including:

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