BMW Group India shows 8% growth; plans to invest ₹125 Crore in India


Munich-based luxury car maker BMW Group India had announced a strong growth in 2016 after facing decline from two years, they carried the momentum into this year by showing 8% growth until May, apart from this, they are holding the tag of being the fastest growing luxury car brand. The company has listed up few fresh investments of up to ₹125 Crore in India to expand their services globally and to cover all the areas by offering new generation product and world class services. They made a huge progress by selling by selling 3,533 units between January and May this year.

Vikram Pawah, MD and CEO of BMW Group India, the man behind this success had stated that the company has shared its authority and decentralized the powers with the heads. This strategy will help them to raise the bar in future and cover more area. We have shown last year that despite the challenges of demonetization, ban on diesel cars in NCR, luxury car tax, we could still grow by double digits. We have also grown in the first five months without any new offerings, so surely growth is only going to go up”

The prime focus of the company is to maximize the profits, introduce new technology, products and enhance dealer network, customer engagement and finally volumes, apart from introducing technology, they are making necessary changes in the existing products.