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The BMW X5, the crown jewel of the X-series, personifies hopelessness

BMW X5, the crown jewel of the X -series is what got the engineers in Mercedes and Audi laughing and made them say "Let's have a day off".

BMW, the German car manufacturer is addicted to setting benchmarks. With the X5 however, it is an entirely different story. I have driven quite a few cars, but not a lot of them have managed to dissatisfy me as much as the BMW X5. The vaunted X series in my view has always been maladroit, with the X 5 being the crown jewels.

The desiccated engine in the BMW x5 M goads 567 bhp out of a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 32-valve V-8, direct fuel injection engine. The power is transmitted to the wheels using an eight speed automatic transmission. The gearbox is as dead as a doornail and bridles the gearshifts. The engine, on paper sounds like it can be a gem and it is, but in the car, it is an unskillful monster. Performance figures don’t deserve to be read as they are irrelevant.  dual-bmw-x5-m-with-velos-designwerks-wheels-3

The BMW X5 is a car that got the engineers at Audi and Mercedes rolling on the floor laughing and made them say “Let’s have a day off, clearly the engineers down at BMW were on a vacation when the X5 was made”. It doesn’t make sense to buy it unless of course you are flushed with cash. Adding to this is its utility on indian roads, as an SUV the potholes pose no challenge to it, but sustaining the jerk in the sport suspension isn’t the most stimulating experiences the car renders.fcbed9cf-ad46-4c60-bdf9-a35c20f73e15

The BMW X5 M feels good accelerating with its immense torque, but you get the feeling that its trying too hard. The other variants of the X5 are even more tormenting. They bring off “Sheer driving pleasure” as a fiction.

BMW have announced the arrival of the new X5 as a replacement to the current outrage after a short span of only three years. This just goes to show that even BMW acknowledge their mistake. The BMW X5 in my opinion is a tragedy for BMW and my love for BMW’s prevents me from censuring the X5 any further.

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  • Just when I want to get in touch with the “boy racer” in me BMW let me down. At least there’s still a few older varieties to choose from.

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