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How does CAR AC Compressor work?

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Over the years, Air conditioners have become a vital part of cars. Today, almost all passenger vehicles are sold with inbuilt air conditioner to tackle the extreme weather situations and to keep you comfortable while you are inside the car.

AC Compressor is one of the most important parts in an air condition system working in your car. In this article, let’s take a look on how does the compressor inside an air conditioner work and how does it help in cooling your car.

What is AC Compressor?

An air conditioner has 3 most important parts, namely evaporator, condenser and compressor. Compressor is the most important segment because it helps in the coordination between evaporator and condenser.

The job of compressor is so that it converts low pressure refrigerant from evaporator to high pressure gas before it enters into the condenser. Condenser then changes the temperature of the air before pushing it into your car.

How does AC Compressor work

In evaporator, the refrigerant is in form of a low-pressure gas. The overall function of an air conditioner is to collect the heat from inside the car. To collect the heat, the refrigerant has to be of higher temperature than the air available outside the car. Car AC compressor becomes vital in such situations.

The refrigerant enters AC compressor through sunction line. A piston located inside the compressor moves forth and backwards to collect the low pressure air, known as refrigerant. The compressor then squeezes the gas to pack together molecules to increase pressure and temperature of refrigerant.

Once this process is over, refrigerant is now converted in a high pressure and high temperature and it leaved compressor through another component called discharge line to flow into the condenser. As a general tendency, heat flows from warm to cooler situations, heat of the hot refrigerant gets transferred to ourside air through condenser coils. Refrigerant gas is now cooled down and it turns liquid. Further, it goes back inside and the process is repeated continuously.

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