Ford To Introduce Android Infotainment Systems In Collaboration With Google By 2023

Ford Google Partnership
Image Source: Fox Business

Ford has recently announced its partnership with Google for around six years that will begin from 2023. This way, from 2023 onwards all the Ford and Lincoln cars will now get the infotainment system powered by the Android OS. Currently, it is the SYNC infotainment system developed by Microsoft that is available on Ford cars.


  • Ford and Google have recently collaborated to manufacture a new infotainment system for Ford cars.
  • The same system will also be available on the Lincoln lineup.
  • The current SYNC infotainment system will be discontinued just after its launch.

As per the sources, Ford and Google will do a collaboration under the name Team Upshift. It will be used for multiple purposes. For example, The owner of the car will get real-time notifications regarding servicing and offers. Further, it will also feature many Google Apps such as Youtube, Google Map and Google Play Store. To be precise, with the introduction of the Play Store the owner of the car will be able to download further applications that are available on the store.

Google has also cleared that unlike Android Smartphones, users will not be able to download any third-party app on this system. However, Apple CarPlay will be offered on this system to make it more user-friendly. When launched the all-new infotainment system will be available in India as well.

Ford vehicles that will be offered in China will not get this updates infotainment system as Google services are not available there. As we can recall, even Toyota has collaborated with Amazon for similar services. Further, in 2019, Volkswagen AG joined hands with Microsoft for the same.