Kia Motors Increases Price Of Sonet And Seltos; Checkout Revised Price List

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After launching their popular SUVs including Sonet and Seltos, Kia is doing quite well in India. The Korean carmaker sold around 11,818 units with an amazing 154.42% of YoY growth. Further, in December month it was rumored that Kia Motors is all set for a price hike. And now as we enter the new year, Kia has announced a price hike of upto Rs.20,000.

Kia Sonet

Kia Sonet was launched during the festive season last year and it did help the company to boost its sales figure. However, the company has now revised the price of the all-new Kia Sonet. The base variant, that is the 1.2L HTE variant now retails at Rs.6,79,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi). This way this variant is now costlier by Rs.8,000.
Meanwhile, the 1.2L HTK and HTK+ variant now costs Rs.10,000 more when compared to the 2020 price list. For the 1.5L diesel variants, customers now have to pay Rs.20,000 more. Whereas, the 1.0L turbo petrol trim price list remains the same.

Kia Sonet Petrol 1.2 

Variant Old Price Revised Price Difference
HTE Rs.6,71,000 Rs.6,79,000 Rs.8,000
HTK Rs.7,59,000 Rs.7,69,000 Rs.10,000
HTK+ Rs.8,45,000 Rs.8,55,000 Rs.10,000

Kia Sonet Turbo Petrol 1.0

Variant Old Price Revised Price Difference
HTK+ Rs.9,49,000 Rs.9,49,000 No change
HTK+ DCT Rs.10,49,000 Rs.10,49,000 No change
HTX Rs.9,99,000 Rs.9,99,000 No change
HTX+ Rs.11,65,000 Rs.11,65,000 No change
HTX+ DT Rs.11,75,000 Rs.11,75,000 No change
GTX+ Rs.11,99,000 Rs.11,99,000 No change
GTX+ DT Rs.12,09,000 Rs.12,09,000 No change
GTX+ (7DCT) Rs.12,89,000 Rs.12,89,000 No change
GTX+ DT (7DCT) Rs.12,99,000 Rs.12,99,000 No change

Kia Sonet Diesel 1.5

Variants Old Price Revised Price Difference
HTE Rs.8,05,000 Rs.8,25,000 Rs.20,000
HTK Rs.8,99,000 Rs.9,19,000 Rs.20,000
HTK+ Rs.9,49,000 Rs.9,69,000 Rs.20,000
HTK+ AT Rs.10,39,000 Rs.10,59,000 Rs.20,000
HTX Rs.9,99,000 Rs.10,19,000 Rs.20,000
HTX+ Rs.11,65,000 Rs.11,85,000 Rs.20,000
HTX+ DT Rs.11,75,000 Rs.11,95,000 Rs.20,000
GTX+ Rs.11,99,000 Rs.12,19,000 Rs.20,000
GTX+ DT Rs.12,09,000 Rs.12,29,000 Rs.20,000
GTX+ 6AT Rs.12,89,000 Rs.13,09,000 Rs.20,000
GTX+ DT 6AT Rs.12,99,000 Rs.13,19,000 Rs.20,000
Kia Sonet Price List
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Kia Seltos

As per the revised price list, Kia Seltos will now be costlier by Rs.1,000 to Rs.11,000 according to the variant. Within the 1.5L trim, the HTE variant comes with a similar price tag of Rs.9.89 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Meanwhile the HTK and HTK+ variant will now cost Rs.10,000 more to its customers. Further, the other four variants will receive a price hike of Rs.11,000 each. The 1.4L turbocharged petrol series will now be costlier by Rs.11,000 for the GTX variant. Meanwhile, the GTX+ and GTX+ dual tone will be retailed at Rs.10,000 more. However, the revised price list shows that the price of the top two turbo petrol variants remains unchanged. Further, the diesel variants will now be traded for an additional Rs.1000 to Rs.11,000 as per the variant.

Kia Seltos Petrol 1.5

Variants Old Price  Revised Price Difference
HTE Rs.9,89,000 Rs.9,89,000 No change
HTK Rs.10,49,000 Rs.10,59,000 Rs.10,000
HTK+ Rs.11,59,000 Rs.11,69,000 Rs.10,000
HTX Rs.13,34,000 Rs.13,45,000 Rs.11,000
HTX AE  Rs.13,75,000 Rs.13,86,000 Rs.11,000
HTX (iVT) Rs.14,34,000 Rs.14,45,000 Rs.11,000
HTX AE (iVT) Rs.14,75,000 Rs.14,86,000 Rs.11,000

Kia Seltos Turbo Petrol 1.4

Variant Old Price Revised Price  Difference
GTX Rs.15,54,000 Rs.15,65,000 Rs.11,000
GTX+ Rs.16,39,000 Rs.16,49,000 Rs.10,000
GTX+ Dual Tone Rs.16,59,000 Rs.16,69,000 Rs.10,000
GTX+ DCT Rs.17,29,000 Rs.17,29,000 No change
GTX+ DCT Dual Tone Rs.17,49,000 Rs.17,49,000 No change


Kia Seltos Diesel 1.5


Variant Old Price Revised Price Difference
HTE Rs.10,34,000 Rs.10,35,000 Rs.1000
HTK Rs.11,69,000 Rs.11,69,000 No change
HTK+ Rs.12,69,000 Rs.12,79,000 Rs.10,000
HTK+ AT Rs.13,69,000 Rs.13,79,000 Rs.10,000
HTX Rs.14,44,000 Rs.14,55,000 Rs.11,000
HTX AE Rs.14,85,000 Rs.14,96,000 Rs.11,000
HTX+ Rs.15,49,000 Rs.15,59,000 Rs.10,000
HTX+ Dual Tone Rs.15,69,000 Rs.15,79,000 Rs.10,000
HTX+ AT Rs.16,49,000 Rs.16,59,000 Rs.10,000
HTX+ AT Dual Tone Rs.16,69,000 Rs.16,79,000 Rs.10,000
GTX+ AT Rs.17,34,000 Rs.17,45,000 Rs.11,000
GTX+ AT Dual Tone Rs.17,54,000 Rs.17,65,000 Rs.11,000
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