Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Harley Davidson X440
Like other American automotive brands, this one also decided to wind up and leave India. But as they say, ‘A comeback is always greater than a setback’ Harley Davidson followed the proverb so strongly that the brand not only decided to come back here but also revived its Indian operations.

Now, the current story is Hero MotoCorp and Harley Davidson are together in a partnership with an aim to truly give the American brand a rebirth. A rebirth, so strong that it’s actually addressing the majority of buyers. So, without wasting any further adieu introducing, the all-new Harley Davidson X 440.


  • Harley-Davidson X440 has made its debut in India.
  • Will come powered by a 440cc single-cylinder engine.
  • The X440 is a neo-retro bike with modern features.

Harley-Davidson X440

Design & Features

It’s not the first time when Harley-Davidson is downsizing the bikes. We have already witnessed when the X500 was launched in China, which was nothing but a rebadged Benelli Leoncino 500.

The X440 takes inspiration from the same and uses a neo-retro design language. This implies that it will be using a circular headlamp, a continuously running seat, a flat handlebar and of course a comfortable riding position.

Coming down, the design of the exhaust is sadly not that great but that can be subjective as well. Overall, the bike possesses value if we talk about what it offers but what about the price tag? Well, that’s expected to get unveiled this July and for that one might have to wait.


While the new X440 sits on a typical tubular chassis, the overall balance in terms of design and incorporation of hardware feels quite good. Available with an upside-down fork at the front and basic twin shock absorbers at the rear, the neo-retro styling seems intact on the hardware front as discussed above. Also, what this not-so-complicated setup helps with is the overall stability and comfort making it irresistible for many bike manufacturers to continue with the same.

The bike runs on an 18-inch alloy wheel (front). Meanwhile, at the back, the tyre size dips to 17 inches with disc brakes and dual-channel ABS as standard.


The American bike manufacturer is very clear about how they would approach the Indian market. As a result, they confirmed that Harley-Davidson will be starting with a mid-segment bike that will be using a 440cc single-cylinder engine. Now though, the exact details related to the motor are not out yet, expect the overall output to be at par with the rivals.

How do you find this new Harley-Davidson X440? Do let us know in the comment section below.

By Harsh Rana

Full-time management student and a part-time automobile enthusiast. Not much happy about EVs taking over the V8, V10 and V12 motors.

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