MG Motor India launches dual tone MG Hector; price starts from INR 16.84 Lakh

Image Source: Motorbeam


  • MG Motor India has launched the dual tone, MG Hector.
  • The company has named the new variant as “Dual Delight”.
  • Price of the dual tone MG Hector starts at ₹16.84 Lakh onwards.

MG Motor India has recently launched the dual tone MG Hector. MG calls the new variant of the MG Hector as the “Dual Delight”. This dual tone MG Hector is based upon the Sharp variant but it costs a premium of ₹20,000. However, earlier the company also launched the MG Hector anniversary edition for the upcoming festive season.

MG Hector Dual Delight in India will come with two paint schemes on offer : the Candy White and Glaze Red with Starry Black colored roof. However, the only cosmetic change MG Hector dual tone receives is the black colored – roof, A-Pillar and OVRMs. Meanwhile, the cabin inside remains untouched but the features on the MG Hector Dual Delight will be exactly similar to the features that are offered with the Sharp trim.

Image Source: Motorbeam

Engine on the MG Hector Dual Delight remains to be a 1.5-litre turbo petrol unit with 143BHP power on offer. Meanwhile, the 2.0-litre diesel engine that produces 170BHP of power is also offered. MG also offers the mild hybrid technology with its turbo petrol engine on the Hector.

MG Hector in India competes with the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Nissan Kicks and Tata Harrier  as a compact SUV. However, the company has also scheduled the launch of its flagship MG Gloster which will be a full-sized SUV for this festive season. Meanwhile, MG Motor India is also planning to launch the petrol variant of the MG ZS by 2021.

Image Source: Motorbeam


  • 1.5L Hybrid Manual Transmission – ₹16.84 Lakhs
  • 1.5L Petrol DCT – ₹17.76 Lakhs
  • 2.0L Diesel Manual Transmission – ₹18.09 Lakhs


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