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Why You Should Not Sell Your Used Car to An Individual


To sell a used car privately to an individual can prove to be much more of a hassle than it’s worth. Hence there are various reasons for thousands of people opting to use Carswitch as the professional service to buy and sell cars in Dubai.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should avoid selling your car privately.

Advertising Cost

The cost to list an advertisement for your car can be more expensive than you think, even for a basic package. If you want a premium ad, the costs just sky rocket. If the car has not been sold within this period, guess what, you will have to pay again, with zero guarantee of selling the car.

Pre-Sale Car Preparations

With a vast choice of cars being put on the second hand market, you need to ensure that your vehicle will live up to necessary standards. Bald tyres, scrapes and scratches, are all factors good enough for a potential customer to walk away and consider another car. You will have to spend a lot of money to get the car up to the retail standard if you’re looking at a quick sale. If not, people will show up, waste an hour of your time and probably end up not buying your car due to a “number” of issues that need fixing.

Time Consuming

On average it can take around 34.5 days to sell a car individually. A month to sell a vehicle can seem like a lot of time, but in reality there’s a reason for this. There are numerous cars on the market for sale, just like yours, offering customers a plethora of choices. If your vehicle gets shortlisted, you can assume that after seeing it they will want to view the others on the list as well, consuming more of your valuable time.

Strangers In Your House

Would you invite a complete stranger into your house usually? No. But, when it comes to selling a car, you don’t really have a choice. The vehicle trade has various undesirable character m,,,rs ready to take advantage of an unassuming individual. You never know who you are getting into business with, not to mention if something goes wrong with the car in the future, would they come knocking?

Test drive

Consider a few things; First of all, do the potential buyers have insurance to test drive your car? Is your car safe and maintained well enough for another person to test drive it? And the most important factor of all, how safe are you with that person in the car? A number of major dealers have been held to ransom and have had their vehicle stolen whilst they are in it.

Confirmed payment?

Can you spot a fake note? With a transaction outside the bank, you are at the risk of receiving fake currency if it’s a cash transaction. Furthermore, the person who has just bought your car knows you have the funds in your house. This could easily turn into a robbery later that day.

Outstanding Finance

Most of the new vehicles on the road are funded by finance agreements. Having outstanding finance on the vehicle can scare away a lot of customers. The only real way of selling a car privately with outstanding finance is to clear the outstanding amount with your own cash. Of course, if you don’t have the funds you may get trapped in a sticky situation and face paying another one to three months rental because of the lack of interest in the sale of your vehicle.

Peace of mind

Many people “worry” about having to buy a car privately off someone’s driveway. It’s different from a house sale where it is controlled by solicitors. Here, you’re very much on your own. This is the reason for private sales being slow as your potential buyer will have more peace of mind buying from a reputed dealer such as Carswitch. At a dealership they will have the reassurance of a safe environment and transaction as there’s a warranty provided. The dealer can also play a part in a hassle free exchange of their old car.

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