Choice of the PM Narendra Modi, The BMW 7 series gets a new look

Choice of the PM Narendra Modi, The BMW 7 series gets a new look. And the Germans have finally decided to put an M badge on the car.

The Porsche Panamera Turbo is the new supplement for Indian businessmen

With the Mercedes, BMW and Audi ruling the market of luxury saloon cars, can the Porsche Panamera turbo do enough to keep up?

The abominable Audi A3, a classy way to bankrupt yourself

Audi is a reputed brand, known for the premium build of its cars. The brand Audi is usually associated with the exhilarating drive it's...

Porsche Cayenne, purpose built for Indian roads

Is the Porshe Cayenne's performance good enough to outweigh it's beastly looks and voracious appetite? Or is it just another fail from Porshe

Bugatti Chiron, the fastest car in the world

The Bugatti after the tremendous success of the Veyron comes out with the new Chiron. The Chiron commands many titles like "the fastest car" being paramount

Aston Martin DB11 to be available in India next year

DB11 is the newest venture of Aston Martin to set a new benchmark in the automotive industry. How good is it compared to it's predecessors?

The Suzuki S-Cross about to land in India through NEXA

Suzuki plans to debut the new S-Cross facelift with its prominent looks and tuned up specs, through Maruti's premium brand NEXA.

The new Toyota Fortuner to launch in India on November 7th

Easily the most coveted car of the year, The new Toyota Fortuner is set to be unveiled in India on November 7th. Is it better than it's predecessor?

Mercedes joins Make in India campaign with Mercedes GLC

Mercedes has started manufacturing the Mercedes GLC in India, leading to a lighter price tag and to support "Make in India" initiative.
Lamborghini Huracan Avio Front

Limited Edition Lamborghini Huracan Avio launched in India

Lamborghini has launched its limited edition car, Huracan Avio to the Indian market with a sticker price of INR 3.71 Crores in a recent event at Delhi.