Tuesday, May 11, 2021

A blue blooded driver’s car, Range Rover sport

How is the Range Rover sport better than its elder brother "The Autobiography"? Why is it, in my opinion the best car for Indian roads?

The BMW X5, the crown jewel of the X-series, personifies hopelessness

BMW X5, the crown jewel of the X -series is what got the engineers in Mercedes and Audi laughing and made them say "Let's have a day off".

The Porsche 718 Boxster S, how have they managed to go wrong with it?

The Porsche 718 boxster s , boring in every fathomable way. Why it isn't better than the BMW M3, or the Audi, or a lot of other cars? How wasteful is it?

Range Rover, redefining luxury regardless of terrain

With the autobiography being an SUV, a luxury car, a corporate car, an offroader, and everything you need it to be, have they overdone it.

Forged in India, DC rolls out a limited edition Avanti

India's very own, DC design rolls out the all new limited edition Avanti. How will this supercar with it's ravishing looks hold up in with the world market

Choice of the PM Narendra Modi, The BMW 7 series gets a new look

Choice of the PM Narendra Modi, The BMW 7 series gets a new look. And the Germans have finally decided to put an M badge on the car.

The Porsche Panamera Turbo is the new supplement for Indian businessmen

With the Mercedes, BMW and Audi ruling the market of luxury saloon cars, can the Porsche Panamera turbo do enough to keep up?

The abominable Audi A3, a classy way to bankrupt yourself

Audi is a reputed brand, known for the premium build of its cars. The brand Audi is usually associated with the exhilarating drive it's...

Porsche Cayenne, purpose built for Indian roads

Is the Porshe Cayenne's performance good enough to outweigh it's beastly looks and voracious appetite? Or is it just another fail from Porshe

Bugatti Chiron, the fastest car in the world

The Bugatti after the tremendous success of the Veyron comes out with the new Chiron. The Chiron commands many titles like "the fastest car" being paramount