Renault offers massive discounts around Independence Day

Renault to offer many discounts in August
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Renault India is offering massive discounts on the Renault Kwid, Triber and Duster. Renault to offer  ₹80,000 discount during this festive month. 

Renault India to provide Low EMI interest rates, loyalty bonus, vehicle exchange benefits, corporate discounts, cash discounts as well as the accessories too. The company will be offering massive discounts on all the cars for the Indian lineup.

Renault Kwid 

The offers available on the Renault Kwid are worth around ₹35,000. In the states like Kerela, Gujrat, and Maharashtra Renault is offering a huge discount of ₹40,000. An additional corporate discount of ₹7,000 or as a special discount for the rural customers to be offered.

Meanwhile, Renault is all set to offer ‘Buy now, pay in 2021’ initiative for the Renault Kwid. According to the ‘Buy now, pay in 2021’ scheme the customer can start paying the vehicle EMI 4 months after the purchase of the Renault Kwid. A special rate of 6.99% will also be offered alongside these amazing discounts.

Renault is also offering a 5 year extended warranty on the Renault Kwid RXL 0.8 in Kerela. The all-new Renault Kwid RXL 0.8 is priced at  ₹3.99 lakhs in Kerela.

Renault Kwid Discount Offers
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Renault Triber

Renault Triber is now the most affordable MPV in India. With the introduction to the amazing festive discount, Renault is offering a discount of around ₹30,000-₹40,000, depending on the States. Meanwhile, the corporate discounts, loyalty bonuses, and accessories worth ₹10,000 will also be offered.

A similar ‘Buy now, pay in 2021’ with a grace period of 4 months the customer will start paying the EMI 4 months after the purchase of the Renault Triber. The special interest of 6.99% is also available with the Renault Triber.

Renault Triber Discount Offers
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Renault Duster

The Renault Duster is one of the oldest and most stunning looking mid-sized SUV in India. Benefits of around ₹80,000 are available on the Renault Duster in Maharashtra, Gujrat, and Kerela. Other parts of the country can avail the similar benefits of around ₹70,000. Renault will also be offering a corporate discount of ₹20,000 or as a special offer for rural customers. Loyalty exchange of  ₹20,000 alongside a ₹25,000 worth exchange and cash benefits will also be a part of the discount offers.

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Renault discount offers make the Renault vehicles most affordable than ever. However, the August discount can be the best time to purchase a Renault car.


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