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Why Selling Your Car to Credible Used Car Dealer is Good Option?


Selling your car can be a problematic experience, if not done right. Not getting the right price for your car or not getting a reliable buyer can be a nightmare if you are struggling to sell a used car. The first step people usually take when they begin trying to sell car online is to go on to sites like Facebook and post a public ad. When you exchange your car directly with its next owner, it is called a private sale. While a private sale is often quickly done, but it isn’t necessarily the best way to sell your car. There are several reasons, as listed below, as to why you would be better off selling your car to a credible used car dealer:

  • Reputed Dealers: An authorized dealer bases his market image on each sale that he makes. Therefore, a reputed car dealer ensures that you get the best deal for your car, and screens potential buyers on your behalf; and gets you in touch directly with them.  In fact, several good dealers would very likely go out of their way to resolve problems that may arise after the sale.
  • Best Deal: Opting for a credible used car dealer makes sure that you get the best deal. Also, through an authorised dealer gives you peace of mind because that guarantees that the car would be expertly checked. At CarSwitch, every car is hand inspected by experts. A rightly inspected car gives you the best estimate for the market value of your car.
  • Saving Time: A private sale involves a lot more paperwork than an authorised reseller. The reason for this is that a used car dealership would have a lot of the necessary documents prepared; and also have their experts to inspect the car- which therefore eliminates that from your list of things to do. While opting for a private sale, you would be required to first list it online or advertise; then wait for buyers to approach you; next you would have to screen these potential buyers; arrange for test drives; you might have to also deal with buyers falling through; and then repeat the process again until you have completed the sale. If you are short of time while selling your used car, this entire process can prove to be very time consuming and cumbersome. If you sell to an authorised dealership, you would only be required to drive in and speak to a customer service representative. They would guide you through the entire process, and you can easily complete the sale within a day itself. Hence, a credible dealer saves you time, and as they say, time is money!
  • Opportunity to Trade Up: In most cases, if you are selling your used car, you would be replacing it with a new one. One of the benefits of selling to a dealership is that you now have access to many more cars. The value of your old car can be adjusted against the purchase of the replacement car that you would choose. The representatives at the dealership can help pick out the best options for you, based on your requirements; and you can very easily complete the sale of your used car and drive away with a replacement car.

These were some benefits of going through a credible pre-owned car dealer; which can make the whole daunting experience of selling your used car a little less frightening. While the final decision may rest in your hands, we hope this was valuable in helping you make your decision.

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