Skoda appoints Thomas Schaefer as new Chairman replacing Bernhard Maier

Skoda appoints Volkswagen head as the new CEO
Image Source: Autocar India

Skoda Auto has announced Thomas Schaefer as the new Chairman of the Board. Schaefer served as the Chairman and Managing Director of the Volkswagen Group.

Schaefer is a highly qualified mechanical engineer. The new Chairman also worked for Mercedes Benz in 2012. However, since 2015, Thomas Schaefer has been the Chairman and Managing Director for the Volkswagen Group South Africa. Completing the 5-month tenure Schaefer has worked a lot for the company while expanding the sales network.

Thomas Schafer as the new CEO of Skoda
Image Source: CARmag

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the first half crashed for the Skoda Auto by around 31%. Due to the lockdown, Skoda sold 4,26,700 cars worldwide in January. However, the operating profit was as low as  72%.

Volkswagen South Africa & the German Govt. working together converted the company’s old factories in Korsten and Port Elizabeth into a COVID-19 facility.

Skoda has been a big contributor to the Czech Economy is one of Central Europe’s biggest exporter. China and Germany are known to be the biggest market for Skoda.

Thomas Schaefer replaced Bernhard Maier the former chairman of Skoda Auto who stepped down from the position 5 months ago.

Skoda appoints Thomas Schafer as new CEO
Image Source: Autocar Professional


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