Sonalika Launches Tiger Electric; To Be India’s First E-Tractor

Image Source: Plunge Daily


  • Sonalika has recently launched the first electric tractor in India.
  • The all-new Sonalika Tiger electric is powered by a 25.5kW battery.
  • It comes with a price tag of Rs. 5.99 Lakhs with multiple features on offer.

Sonalika has recently introduced the first all-electric tractor in India. Meanwhile, with a motive to make this planet, a greener one the recently launched Tiger electric is more of a revolution and not an evolution. Further, it is expected to be a game-changing event as other tractor manufacturers might follow the trend as well.


Charging can be one of the major concerns for many of you. However, as claimed by the company it can fully juice up while using the regular home charging point in 10 hours. Further, customers can also opt for the fast charger that is offered by the company itself.

Apart from this, benefits such as a warranty for 5 years/5000 hours are also offered with the all-new Sonalika Tiger electric. Even overheating will not be an issue on the e-tractor as the engine is replaced by the electric motor.

Powerplant & Performance

So what powers this e-tractor? It is an IP67 rated 25.5kW compact battery that powers Sonalika Tiger Electric. Further, the electric motor on the Tiger electric can generate torque from zero RPM only with a top speed of 24.93kmph. Apart from this, when fully charged, it can last for upto 8 hours with a two-tonne trolley at the back. The powerful motor also churns out 35HP while the battery auto cools itself naturally.

Sonalika Electric Tractor
Image Source: Zee Business

The company has priced the all-new Sonalika Tiger electric at Rs.5.99 Lakh.