Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the automobile companies are struggling to keep their brand value and image alive, the Indian auto manufacturer giant Tata motor are launching new plans and schemes to face this pandemic with minimum loss. As per the latest news from the company, Tata Motors has launched an extends warranty program for commercial vehicles globally. Also, the company announced a two-month extended warranty extension for all its Indian and global customers because of the current coronavirus pandemic that led to a lockdown and severe disruption in the industry.

As per the latest news from the company officials, Tata Motors has announced that seeing the current situation due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the company has decided to extend the warranty for its commercial vehicle customers all across the globe.

Especially for its home ground customers, the automaker claimed that it will be offering a two-month extension for free services that were scheduled during the period of lockdown. Not even the services but all the warranties that are expiring during this period of lockdown have been extended by two months.

According to the official spokesperson of the company said that Tata motors will be extending its Tata Suraksha program for all the customers which are having an expiry during the period of national lockdown. The spokesperson also added that the company will be offering a one-month extension of all active contracts that come under Tata Motors Suraksha scheme.

For the global customers, Tata Motors has planned for extending the warranty period for customers in South Africa, the Middle East, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, North-west African countries and Latin American countries by 2 months for those warranty customers with warranty expiring after 15th March 2020.


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