Toyota India Releases Revised Price List For Innova Crysta, Fortuner, Camry Hybrid

Toyota India
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Automobile was one of the worst-hit industries due to the global pandemic. The input costs are high now. And, therefore almost every carmaker are now forced to increase the overall price. Toyota has released a revised price list for the 2021 Fortuner, Innova Crysta and Camry Hybrid. Just for the information, it is the Toyota Camry Hybrid that gets expensive by Rs.1.18 Lakhs.

Other cars such as Yaris, Urban Cruiser and Glanza does not receive any price hike for now. Want to know the revised price? Here are the updates.


  • Toyota India has released a revised price list for Fortuner, Camry Hybrid and Innova Crysta.
  • It is the Toyota Camry Hybrid that is now costlier by Rs.1.18 Lakhs.
  • Fortuner Legender will now be available at a premium of Rs.72,000.


Toyota Fortuner And Legender Launched
Image Source: Toyota Bharat

The Japanese car manufacturer introduced the updated Fortuner at the beginning of this year. The entry-level variant at the time of launch was priced at Rs.29.98 Lakhs (ex-showroom, New Delhi). But the company has recently revised the price list. As per the revised list, the 2021 Toyota Fortuner is now expensive by Rs.36,000.

To recall, even the Legender variant was introduced this time with a price tag of Rs.37.58 Lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi). But, unlike the other variants, this variant is now costlier by Rs.72,000.

Currently, the Fortuner range is available with either 2.7-litre petrol or a 2.8-litre diesel engine on offer.

Variant  New Price Old Price Difference
2.7L 4X2 MT (Petrol) Rs.30.34 Lakhs Rs.29.98 Lakhs Rs.36,000
2.7L 4X2 AT (Petrol) Rs.31.93 Lakhs Rs.31.57 Lakhs Rs.36,000
2.8L 4X2 MT (Diesel) Rs.32.84 Lakhs Rs.32.48 Lakhs Rs.36,000
2.8L 4X2 AT (Diesel) Rs.35.20 Lakhs Rs.34.84 Lakhs Rs.36,000
2.8L 4X4 MT (Diesel) Rs.35.50 Lakhs Rs.35.14 Lakhs Rs.36,000
2.8L 4X4 AT (Diesel) Rs.37.79 Lakhs Rs.37.43 Lakhs Rs.36,000
Legender Rs.38.30 Lakhs Rs.37.58 Lakhs Rs.72,000


Innova Crysta

Image Source: MotorBeam

Just like the Fortuner, even Toyota Innova Crysta is available with two powertrains on offer. The first one that powers the MPV is a 2.7-litre petrol engine. Apart from this, there is another 2.4-litre diesel motor that churns 150HP. According to the revised price list, the entire range of Innova Crysta is now costlier by Rs.26,000.

Petrol Variants

Variant New Price Old Price Difference
2.7 GX (7-Seater) MT Rs.16.52 Lakhs Rs.16.26 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.7 GX (8-Seater) MT Rs.16.57 Lakhs Rs.16.31 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.7 GX (7-Seater) AT Rs.17.88 Lakhs Rs.17.62 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.7 GX (8-Seater) AT Rs.17.93 Lakhs Rs.17.67 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.7 VX (7-Seater) MT Rs.19.96 Lakhs Rs.19.70 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.7 ZX (7-Seater) AT Rs.22.74 Lakhs Rs.22.48 Lakhs Rs.26,000

Diesel Variants

Variant  New Price Old Price Difference
2.4 G (7-Seater) MT Rs.16.90 Lakhs Rs.16.64 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.4G (8-Seater) MT Rs.16.95 Lakhs Rs.16.69 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.4 G Plus (7-Seater) MT Rs.18.21 Lakhs Rs.17.92 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.4 G Plus (8-Seater) MT Rs.18.26 Lakhs Rs.17.97 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.4 GX (7-Seater) MT Rs.18.33 Lakhs Rs.18.07 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.4 GX (8-Seater) MT Rs.18.38 Lakhs Rs.18.12 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.4 GX (7-Seater) AT Rs.19.64 Lakhs Rs.19.38 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.4 GX (8-Seater) AT Rs.19.69 Lakhs Rs.19.43 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.4 VX (7-Seater) MT Rs.21.85 Lakhs Rs.21.59 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.4 VX (8-Seater) MT Rs.21.90 Lakhs Rs.21.64 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.4 ZX (7-Seater) MT Rs.23.39 Lakhs Rs.23.13 Lakhs Rs.26,000
2.4 ZX (7-Seater) AT Rs.24.59 Lakhs Rs.24.33 Lakhs Rs.26,000

Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry
Image Source: Toyota

The current generation Camry Hybrid was launched in January 2019. With a mild hybrid technology, it gets a powerful 2.5-litre petrol engine. The combined output from both of them stands at 218HP. Until now, it was priced at Rs.39.41 Lakhs (ex-showroom). However, according to the updated price list, Camry now costs a premium of Rs.40.59 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Model New Price Old Price Difference
Toyota Camry Hybrid Rs.40.59 Lakhs Rs.39.41 Lakhs Rs.1.18 Lakhs


In India, Toyota Camry Hybrid goes head-on against the likes of Skoda Superb. Not to forget, Skoda has launched the updated Superb with a price tag of Rs.31.99 Lakhs onwards (ex-showroom, Delhi) in India.

*All prices ex-showroom Delhi