Uber to start testing Flying Taxis in Melbourne

Uber is unveiling sky-high plans for its flying taxis plan. The company is currently developing plans for shared air transportation between suburbs and cities — and ultimately within cities. Flying taxis are undoubtedly an exciting concept — one that Uber has put a lot of work into making a reality. After riding Uber cabs, now flying in Uber Air Taxis may become a reality in the coming years.

As per a recent announcement from Uber, Melbourne will be one of three cities to host its latest ambitious fly ride service. Uber claims that test flights will begin next year and commercial operations in 2023. Other Australian cities are expected to follow soon after. Right now, the model of Uber Air we may see in the skies will have a pilot on board. The model Uber unveiled at Elevate seats four people and one pilot.

Uber and its manufacturing partners are working on electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing aircraft and plan to begin demo flights in 2020. However, the automatic question in everyone’s mind is what kind of fares Uber will charge for these services. It may be too early to make even a rough estimate.


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