Volvo cars shows a jump in sales of around 14.2% in July 2020

Volvo-Cars shows an incline in global sales
Image Source: Gaadi Waadi

Volvo recorded a 14.2% growth in sales this month. The sales of Volvo cars are around 62,291 units in the month of July. The growth figures out is the average sales growth of Europe, the United States, and China altogether. After the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the data states the revival of the automobile sector.

Volvo is known for its Recharge line-up which is the most popular car when it comes to Electric Vehicles. The Recharge line-up of the Volvo Cars consists of the Fully Electric Vehicle as well as the Smart Hybrid ones.

The sales figure for the first seven months of 2020 is 3,32,253 units which are 16% lesser than the sales figure for the first seven months of 2019.

Volvo shows an incline in sales figure
Image Source: Crown Volvo Cars

Meanwhile, the sales figure for Europe for the month of July is around 28,700 which is up by 12%. The growth is compared to the July month of the previous year. The sales figure for Europe for the first 7 months, when compared year-on-year, is lesser by 24.1% for the Volvo Cars.

The sales figure of the Volvo Cars for the United States is also encouraging. In July 2020 US has sold 9,697 units which are up by 10.3% when compared to July 2019. However, the sales figure of the Volvo Cars for the first seven months in the US is down by 10.1% to 52,952 units compared to the same tenure last year.

China also registered a growth of 14% in the sales of the Volvo Cars. Around 14,410 units were sold in China in July 2020.

The Volvo XC40 is the top-selling vehicle for the Volvo Cars. Meanwhile, the Volvo XC60 and the XC90 are also popular SUVs by Volvo. Almost 72.8% contribution to the sales of July 2020 is done by the SUV segment of Volvo.





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