Benefits of online trading and concept of discount broking

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Today, when everything & anything is possible in the virtual world, courtesy digitization, why not trading?! Read on if stocks, trading/investments or anything finance related intrigues you. That’s not it, we have a special offer towards the end, one that will motivate you to kick-off your investment journey.

We recently came across a state-of-art digital platform – Upstox – that is packed with world class user-experience & tools for investments. Traditionally trading was all believed and practised by hot broker tips & keeping a tab on the global investment sentiments shared. Thus, numerous analysis would go on and it was largely misconstrued to be the rich man’s game.

Partially true, since the lack of accessibility of the business & a know-how wasn’t common. Well not anymore. Well, NOT ANYMORE! Upstox is a discount broker with a motto of trade faster & smarter. They have been one of the game-changers or as the fin-techs love to call themselves “disruptive” discount broker in the business. Here are few benefits & also busting a few myths of trading online:

Your time & place

A major advantage of trading online is that one can easily trade at their personal convenience (own time and space). Online trading emerges from the sea of compelling tasks related to conventional trading like scheduling your day so that you can make innumerable calls and keep following-up with the broker. Online brokering is instantaneous, which helps one with the understanding & tracking of your preferred stocks.

Also, you can effortlessly review your options with online trading and not depend upon a broker for every move. Whether you’re sitting at the comfort of your house or trying to figure out the chaotic plan at office, or on a vacation you always have access to your investments.

Be smart with your funds, save before you earn

Trading for millennials

When you take trading into your own hands exterminating the brokerage bias, as Upstox does for you, you save money by paying less brokerage. Biased trade and excessive payments might occur in case a broker provides financial advice that has more advantageous for him than you – may be in the form of commission.

This type of influenced guidance can turn out to be troublesome for you. Hence, you can
completely evade several doubtful brokers by shifting to online stock trading.
With trading on Upstox, the transaction costs and higher traditional brokerage fee, is striked-off.

You can start with Rs.20/trade for Intraday and F&O, you get up to 25X margins, and that’s not it you are eligible for lifetime FREE delivery trades. Go head open your FREE demat account via this link today!

how to start investing

And while you are investing/trading you could also start-off your investment journey with Upstox Mutual Fund here. With these options, you can successfully distribute your funds across varied equities to curating a diversified portfolio, ensuring higher returns.

State-of-art platforms

With platforms like Upstox, which offer the app on Playstore, Appstore and a Pro web platform as well its a smart app rightly curated for the tech-smart Indian. It offers 100+ advanced charting tools & over 250 indicators. The app also offers you a demo mode for you to navigate through the markets therefore learn and earn.

Not all apps out there prioritise your ease down to the T. Platforms generally slack-off and limit the options of linguistics to a particular language. But Upstox being the highest-rated trading app on Playstore, offers English & Hindi to choose from.

Need some hand-holding? (Get benefits worth Rs. 28000/-)

Open your Upstox demat account today & hey worry not you will be armed with the best of
advisory services. So say goodbye to those cold-feet before entering the markets. WE’ve got you covered.

For every Upstox customers you get access to advisory platforms like financial advisory
services from Tavaga worth Rs. 6,000 absolutely FREE! You also get a 2 month free
subscription of worth Rs. 12,498/- And that’s not it you also get advisory services from OroStock at Rs. 2,000/year instead of a standard Rs. 12,000 otherwise.

Quick Opening of a Paperless Account

Upstox offers a completely paperless account opening process, right from account opening to making your first trade, everything is just at the ease of your smartphone! Unlike many other apps where to get a demat account one has to make several rounds of paperwork. Get on board already & kick-off your journey in the stock world in less than 10 minutes.

Trading for ALL (Special offer for our readers)

Moreover, if you’re looking forward to choosing a reliable platform, go with Upstox. As we
promised earlier we have a special offer curated just for our readers. Follow this link and use our promo code TIWUPSTOX to claim your FREE demat account.

Whenever you invest in the ever-appealing stock market, ensure that you dedicate your time for research and educate yourself before taking the plunge. This will help you eradicate risks.

In case you’re just starting up, avoid placing orders during the fast-moving duration of the
market as there could be unfavourable prices this time. Review your bets thoroughly, look for more features, read earlier users’ experience, and then take action.

Every coin has two sides and every activity has advantages as well as risks involved with it. If you love money and you don’t trade then there is a high possibility that you have fallen prey to the bizarre myths that have latched onto it. Allow us to burst the bubble of ignorance for you and enlighten you with the benefits of online trading with Upstox.


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