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Where Can I Spend Bitcoins?

In the last 2 years, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have taken India’s digital economy by storm. Bitcoin is thriving in India and is responsible for 10% for all bitcoin transactions worldwide, indicating the desire to embrace the digital cryptocurrency among Indian citizens. Currently, around the world, people are using it for investing because of the momentum it has been gaining over time.

However, if you have already invested in bitcoin and own a fraction or couple of them, here is a list of goods and services you can purchase all over the world with the digital cryptocurrency:

In India:

Online shopping is one of the most convenient and useful ways to spend your bitcoin. SapnaOnline and Overstock are two major online stores that accept bitcoin as their payment. Overstock allows you to exchange your virtual money for home decor, appliances, clothing, travel, car and everything in between; while SapnaOnline, India’s largest online bookstore, allows you to exchange your virtual money for not only books, but also electronic gadgets and toys. Bitcoin is also considered a valid means of payment for purchasing games, movies and applications at Windows & Xbox Store.

You can also splurge your virtual cash at online stores like Amazon & Myntra through a slightly roundabout way. As these websites do not accept bitcoin directly, you can shop using gift cards, which can be easily purchased from online platforms like Purse and Nafa, along with some fantastic discount deals. Nafa also offers gift cards for food joints like PizzaHut and travel companies like MakeMyTrip among others.

Unocoin and Zebpay: two examples of India-based cryptocurrency wallets

Another instant way to spend bitcoin is to use bitcoin wallets like Unocoin and Zebpay. These India-based cryptocurrency wallets enable you to recharge your prepaid numbers, and pay bills for your postpaid numbers. If you’re looking to spend your digital cryptocurrency on good causes, a number of humanitarian charities, such as the Human Rights Foundation, accept bitcoin as donations.

Rest of the World:

The gaming community has widely accepted bitcoin, as poker and sportsbetting in cyberspace have become two of the most popular ways to spend bitcoin worldwide. In addition to online gaming, many selected casinos in Las Vegas also accept bitcoin at front desks, gift shops and restaurants.

As more and more travel companies are starting to embrace cryptocurrencies as a viable means of payment, Luxury Travel becomes another possible way to spend your virtual money. You can now plan a full holiday, including flights and hotel booking, using bitcoin on websites such as btctrip and Expedia. Food delivery and shopping are two more popular avenues for bitcoin spenders, as many online-delivery apps and platforms around the world accept bitcoin as payment.

Countries such as Japan, Germany, Netherlands, the USA and South Korea are the most bitcoin-friendly places in the World, which essentially means that you can not only freely spend your virtual currency easily, but can also securely travel in these countries with your virtual wallet without any worries since bitcoin is widely accepted at physical stores too.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency & technology

Presently, many developers around the world are creating applications and platforms that facilitate the bitcoin economy. PizzaForCoins, an application developed in the USA, enables you to purchase pizza from any pizza joints close to your location using 30+ digital cryptocurrencies. Tenants in New York can now pay their house rent in bitcoin through a New York-based rental platform called ManageGo. The Virgin Galactic Spaceflight company accepts bitcoin payments to purchase a seat to fly to space.

Cryptocurrency still remains a debatable matter, nonetheless, it has not stopped people from mining, purchasing, investing and spending it, and more and more businesses are starting to embrace it as its popularity grows.

Dollars and Bitcoins – It seems that cryptocurrencies are here to stay!

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