Cognizant Discloses Plans To To Acquire Microsoft Partner’s New Signature And 10th Magnitude


The latest deal of Cognizant comes after it recently disclosed plans to acquire Microsoft partner’s New Signature and 10th Magnitude. Corporate clients are considering and appreciating the hard work and efforts put in by upper-level management of Bright Wolf, who have consistently made sure to deliver excellent performance and results while others were struggling.

Cognizant, a global systems integrator has unveiled strategies to acquire Bright Wolf which is an Amazon Web Services and Microsoft industrial IoT partner that sells into large enterprises such as industrial heavyweight Caterpillar.

On Thursday, the Teaneck, N.J.-based company disclosed the acquisition pact, also declared that Durham, N.C.-based Bright Wolf will lead a new IoT innovation lab at the Raleigh-Durham, N.C., Research Triangle founded by Cognizant as a result of the acquisition. However, the officials didn’t reveal the financial terms of the deal.

This acquisition will take the total number of acquisition by Cognizant this year to eight acquisitions so far, according to the company, in the quarter of the financial year 2021, Bright Wolf acquisition is expected to close, the two large cloud services providers of Microsoft-10th Magnitude and New Signature, are included in the recent acquisition.

Cognizant said Bright Wolf, which was founded in 2009, will improve the company’s smart products offering and expertise in building and deploying industrial IoT solutions, thanks to proficiencies in applications.

Bright Wolf’s client base includes firms across producing, energy, transportation, water, health care, agriculture and different industries. Among the work the answer supplier has done: connecting producing machinery to make new data-driven services, transferral intelligence and analytics to producing and provide automation, and up information visibility and operational insight to boost machinery and different systems across multiple plants.

Infusing Bright Wolf’s experience in production class IIoT deployments and Cognizant’s mastery in foundational IIoT technologies will improve the clients’ resiliency, operational efficiency and competitive advantage. Bright Wolf’s team of senior IIoT architects have delivered the business value others have struggled to realize.

Bright Wolf could also be a Microsoft Gold Partner, and the company additionally holds the title of AWS Advanced Technology Partner, IoT competency 

Bright Wolf has helped leading firms across industries notice their IIoT vision through our Zero Waste Engineering approach, aforesaid Peter Bourne, business executive of Bright Wolf, in an exceeding statement. The company facilitates regular buyers to create the proper investments at the proper time and have the power to scale as settled by business and market craves. The distinctive capabilities, besides Cognizant’s deep vertical trade information, scale, and experience in prophetic  analytics, AI, cloud, and IoT, can offer purchasers with AN unique partner on their IIoT journey.”