Equity and derivatives trade violation of PSBs: SEBI investigates

SEBI, the market regulator along with the stock exchanges are looking for any sort of manipulation in the trade of some equity as well as derivative public sector banks ever since a fake letter has been circulated for misleading the investors. This fake notice comprised of the logo of the regulator and also addressed the National Stock Exchange which was doing the rounds on numerous WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms on February 21. After the PNB scam of Rs. 11,400 Crore, this letter created an upsurge and mislead the market community by suggesting that SEBI was investigating about the details of the future as well as options data of all those brokers and investors who had the various PSBs shares.

While this letter was found out to be fake, the regulator, as well as the exchanges, are still looking into the trade details of the bank stocks to find out whether any suspicious activities taking place or not. Details from the telecom as well as internet operators will be taken too if needed. NSE put a clear statement forward stating that SEBI did not issue any letter a day after the letter came into circulation and also stated that the exchange had not been notified of any such directive.

The exchange also requested the trading members to warn their clients and ask them to remain aware of such a letter being circulated by some unregistered and unauthorized individuals. The exchange also noted that SEBI has clarified about no such letter being issued and NSE too has not received any such letter from SEBI. According to the fake letter, SEBI had asked NSE to furnish the futures as well as options data of all the mutual funds, brokers, clients and institutions whoever is keeping their future position open at the end of the settlement on 22nd February of the PSU bank futures contracts.