Fri. Apr 19th, 2024
Indian Oil Corporation

On Friday, India’s top oil firm inaugurated a battery swapping facility for electric vehicles (EVs) at its petrol pumps, willing to replace discharged batteries with fully charged ones at a snap of few couple of minutes.

Indian Oil Corp (IOC) will commence with a pilot of battery exchanging at one of its outlets in based out in Chandigarh and steadily will scale it up to 20 stations, announced Sanjiv Singh, the chairman, at the launch.

Battery switching technology offers the best replacement to slow charging and helps the drivers make potential use of the operational hours. To which he further added, that the battery swapping model is for the current time targeted at the commercial vehicles such as electric autos, rickshaws and electric two-wheelers and EVs that are either factory fitted or retrofitted.

IOC is the country’s top fuel retailer, dominating close to half of the economic market. But, it is now making a swoop into EV charging. It has also tied-up with Sun Mobility for setting up battery swapping facility, called Quick Interchange Station (QIS).

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