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List of 331 shell companies delisted from stock exchanges

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Find the copy of the letter sent to NDSL and CDS by SeBI to delist 331 shell companies from trading along with full list of the companies.

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SeBI) has instructed the stock exchanges in a letter bearing no. SEBI /HO/ISD/OW/P/2017/18183 dated August 7, 2017 to delist 331 shell companies from trading. The script of such companies has been barred from the stock exchanges and the users will not be able to buy or sell the stock of these companies.

SeBI and the central government have been taking considerable steps latesly to curb the black money. This move is a step in the same direction. Before that, the income tax department also suspended 11 lakh PAN card number due to suspecious activities.

Shell companies are the illegly registered companies, who operate with the sole purpose of showing bogus transactions in rder to convert the black money into whte. These companies are often managed by bigger companies and the large businessmen who evade taxes.

The letter, which was sent to the stock exchanges, including NSDL and CDS is attached below, along with the list of the companies in image and the text format.

1 L01117WB1983PLCO36230 WO NONSTOP PLANTATION LTD AAACN9807F ACTV Non-govt company ITD 2J 3 1.01132A51977PLC001685 AS ASSAM COMPANY INDIA LIMITED AAACT759013 ACTV Non-govt company ITO L01132WE11914PLC002502 WO SAPOI TEA CO LTD AAECS7352L ACTV Non-govt company ITD 4 1.14106KA1992PLC0129813 KA SURAJ STONE CORPORATION LIMITED AACCS9674F ACTV Non-govt company ITO L15321MH1958P1C281327 MI-I BALASHRI COMMERCIAL UMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company RD L17115HR1993PLCO32092 HR UNITED TEXTILES LIMITED AAACU2014M ACTV Non-govt company RD 7 1.17119W81980PLCO33157 W8 TRIPURARI FINVEST LTD AAACT9352K ACTV Non-govt company ITD 8 L17219W81979PLCO32310 W8 ECOWAVE INFOTECH LIMITED AAACO3427C ACTV Non-govt company ITD 9 L17299W81981PLCO33782 WB CONCRETE CREDIT UMITED AAHCS4459D ACTV Non-govt company ITO 10 1.19202W8198SPLCO39431 W8 KKALPANA INDUSTRIES (INDIA) UMITED AABCK22390 ACTV Non-govt company ITO 11 L23209W81982PLCO34793 WB KHOOBSURAT LTD AABCK0685K ACV Non-govt company ITD 12 L24235MH1996PLCO57150 Mil SHYAMA INFOSTSUMITED AAACP3388H ACTV Non-govt company ITD 13 L24295WB1970PLC065229 WB SWASTIK SECURITIES & FINANCE UMITED AACCS7515Et ACTV Non-govt company ITD 14 L2S209WB1987PLC111041 W8 G. R. INDUSTRIES AND FINANCE LTD AACCGO885C ACTV Non-govt company RD 15 L27101WB1995PLC071996 WET IMPEX FERRO TECH LTD AAACI5448R ACTV NOAVVI company RD 16 L27104A51985PLC002441 AS PURBANCHAL STEEL LTD NULL ACTVNon-govt company ITD 17 L27104W81980PLCO33133 W8 KALPATARU ENGINEERING LTD AABCK1330K ACTV Non•govt company ITD 18 L27104W82000PLC091629 WB ROHIT FERRO-TECH LIMITED AACCR1593A ACTVNon-govt company ITD 19 L27109WB1996PLC080353 WB VIKASH METAL & POWER UMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company ITO 20 L27109W132005PLC101553 WB GALLANTT METAL UMITED AACCG29341 ACTV Non-govt company :To 21 L27109W82005PLC101650 WB GALLANTT ISPAT LIMITED AACCG2969B . ACTV Non-govt company ITD 22 1272008R1994PLC005961 BR JMD ALLOYS LIMITED AAACI7070.1 ACN Non-govt company ITD 23 L27209WB1985PLCO39923 WO KONARK COMMERCE & INDUSTRIES LTD AABCK1030A ACTV Non-govt company ITD 24 L28113WB1981PLCO33385 WO SNOW WHITE METAL INDUSTRIES LTD AAECS508OR ACTV Non-govt company ITD 25 L29299WB1983PLCO36040 WB EMRALD COMMERCIAL UMITED AAACE5795P ACTV Non•govt company ITD A 131100W81982PLCO35384 WB PUSHKAR &ANOVA LTD AABCP9780E ACTV Non-govt company ITD 27 L36101W131969PLC115504 WB DENIM DEVELOPERS LIMITED AADCD5070B ACTV Non-govt company ITO 28 L45201WB1981PLCO33668 WO SATYAM PROJECTS LTD NULL ACTV Non-govt company ITD 29 L45203W132001PLC093940 WB SANGOTRI CONSTRUCTIONS LIMITED AAACS1468B ACTV Non-govt company ITD 30 L45209WB1983PLCO36538 WB THIRANI PROJECTS LTD. AAACT9354R ACTV Non-govt company ITO 31 145400W131997P1C083457 WB SILVERPOINT INFRATECH LIMITED AAEC.546791. ACTV Non-govt company ITD 32 L51101W131990PLC049554 WB BLUE PRINT SECURITIES LTD AABC81552C ACTV Non-govt company ITD 33 L51103W81983PLCO35631 WB SUNSHINE HOUSECON UMITED AACCM07401 ACTV Non-govt company RD 34 151109W81982PLCO35193 W8 BALGOPAL COMMERCIAL LIMITED AAGC80117L ACTV Non-govt company ITD 35 L51109W81982PLCO35391 WO GAUTAM RESOURCES LTD NULL ACTV Non-govt company ITD 36 1.51109W81982PLCO35596 WB MERRYGOLO MERCANTILES LTD AAFCM2787E ACTV Non-govt company ITD 37 L51109W81983PLCO35659 WE USHITA TRADING & AGENCIES LTD AAACU3269L ACTV Non-govt company ITD 38 L51109W81983PLCO35918 WE OEEVEE COMMERCIALS LTD AABCD5769P ACTV Non-govt company FM 39 L51109W81983PLCO36091 W8 NEIL INDUSTRIES LTD AABCNI473G ACTV Non-govt company ITD 40 L51109WB1995PLC067680 WE ROMAN FINANCE & SECURITIES LTD. AABCR1905P ACTV Non-govt company ITO 41 131109WE1997PLC084818 WB TWENTY FIRST CENTURY (INDIA) LIMITED. AAACT4735A ACTV Non-govt company ITO 42 1.51109W82002PLC094647 WB MASHAAL IMPEX UMITED AACCM5130E ACTV Non-govt company ITO 43 L51109WB2006PLC107433 WE ANUBHAV INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED AAFCA5482.1 ACTV Nor•govt company ITO 44 L51216W81992PLCOS5629 WS KAUSHALYA INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD AACCK1581F ACTV Non-govt company ITO 45 L51226W01982PLCO35467 W8 DANTA WAPAR KENDRA LTD AAAC08847K ACTV Non-govt company ITD 46 L51226WB1983PLCO35663 WB GOLDEN BULL RESEARCH & GROWTH LIMITED AABCK1567G ACTV Non-govt company ITD 47 L51226WB1984PLCO37985 WE PNC CAPITAL TRUST LTD AABCP6009J ACTV Non-govt company ITD 48 L51491WB1983PLCO35964 WB CREATIVE FISCAL SERVICES LTD NULL ACTV Non-govt company ITD 49 L51495W131983P1CO35864 WB APPU MARKETING AND MANUFACTURING LTD AAFCAl262N ACTV Non-govt company ITD 50 L51909MH1983PLC267005 MH INDIANIVESH CAPITALS LIMITED AAACJ6703C ACTV Non-govt company ITD 51 L51909WB1933PLC007780 WE ARYASTHAN CORPORATION LTD AACCA5095Q ACTV Non-govt company ITO 52 L51909W81978PLCO31765 WB SCORE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED AABCR2037C ACTV Non-govt company ITO 53 L51909W111980PLCO33130 WE BB COMMERCIAL LTD AABCB45358 ACTV Non-govt company ITD 54 L51909WB1981PLCO33372 WE ANUPAMA WAPAR UDYOG LTO NULL ACTV Non-govt company ITD 55 L51909WB1981PLCO34052 WB ALLIED GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED AACCA818513 ACTV Non-govt company ITD 56 151909w81982PLCO35222 WB V.B. INDUSTRIES LTO AAACV91528 ACTV Non-govt company ITD 57 L51909W81982PLCO35460 WB ACCESS GLOBAL UMITED AADC-A8526F ACTV Non-govt company ITD 58 L51909W81983PLCO35874 WE ARIHANT ENTERPRISES LTD AABCA9854E ACTV Non-govt company ITD 59 1.51909W131983PLCO3S953 W8 WELLINGTON COMMERCIAL LTD AAACW2360E ACTV Non-govt company ITD 60 151909WEI1985PLCO38407 WE NAMOKAR TRADE (INDIA) LTD AABCN8264F ACTV Non-govt company ITD 61 1.51909W81992PLCO54432 WE SHARDARAI TRADEFIN LTD AAECSI32171 ACTV Non-govt company ITD 62 L51909W01992PLC0S6742 W8 UNISYS SOFTWARES AND HOLDING INDUSTRIES LIMITED AABCC1191Q ACTV Non-govt company ITO 63 L52392MP1994PLC008097 MP INFRAQUEST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED AABFI307814 ACTV NOn-govt company ITO 64 L55101W131989PLC113006 WB VINOUS HOLDINGS LIMITED AABCV8178N ACTV Non-govt company ITD 65 L65100W132005PLC101510 WB JAISUKH DEALERS LIMITED AABC.17808H ACTV Non-govt company ITO 66 L65191W81990PLC048276 WS SCINTILLA COMMERCIAL & CREDIT LTD AAECS5064R ACTV Non-govt company ITO 67 1.65910WB1984PLCO37325 WB ASIAN INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CO LTD NULL ACTV Non-govt company ITD 68 L659101/01984PLC098684 WB VIRAT LEASING LIMITED AAACV4117G ACT/ Non-govt company ITD 69 1.65921WB1979PLCO32200 W8 ADHUNIK INDUSTRIES LIMITED AACCB276SQ ACTV Non-govt company ITO 70 L65921WB1992PLCO56686 WB KWALITY CREDIT & LEASING LTD AABCK07108 ACTV Non-govt company ITD 71 165921W81993PLCO57797 WB BSR FINANCE & CONSTRUCTIONS LTD AABCB0636K ACTV Non-govt company ITO 72 L65923DL1984PLC01%08 DL EFFICIENT INDUSTRIAL FINANCE LTD AAACE2392L ACTV Non-govt company ITD 73 L65923W81972PLCO28322 W8 JALAN CEMENT WORKS LID AAACI678811 ACTV Non-govt company ITD 74 L65923W81990PLC048472 W8 WINY COMMERCIAL & FISCAL SERVICES LTD AAACW2895G ACTV Non-govt company RD 75 1.65923W131992PLCO54001 WB ANKIT PRACHI TRADING & INVESTMENTS LTD AACCA2024M ACTV Non-govt company 17D 76 1.65925W81983PLCO35697 WB SUNITA BONDS & HOLDINGS LTD AADCS60561. ACTV Non-govt company ITD 77 1.659291NB1990PLC048280 WB MARDA COMMERCIAL & HOLDINGS LTD AACCM1068R ACTV Non-govt company ITD 78 165929W81994PLC061930 WB SHREE SECURITIES LTD. AADCS4786R ACTV Non-govt company ITD 79 L65993G11979PLC093009 al MARODIA INVESTMENTS LTD AABCM6827D ACTV Non-govt company IM 80 L65993W31979PLCO32274 WB MULTICON REALTY LIMITED AAECS7941R ACTV Non-govt company RD 81 L65993WB1980PLCO33060 WB QUEST FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD AAACQ0461C ACTV Non-govt company ITD 82 L65993W01980PICO33083 WB SHUSH LASH INVESTMENTS LTD AAECS4316C ACTV Non-govt company ITD i 83 L65993WB1980PLCO33102 WB BAKRA PRATISTHAN LTD AABC83350L ACTV Non-govt company ITD 84 1.65993W131981111.0O33363 WB KAUSHAL INVESTMENTS LTD AABCK2241F ACTV Non-govt company ITD 85 L65993W81982PLCO34421 W8 UMTEX INVESTMENTS LTD AAAC1.4696G ACTV Non-govt company ITD 86 L65993WB1982PLCO35211 W8 JACKSON INVESTMENTS LTD AAACI7612E ACTV Non-govt company LTD 87 L6S993W131986PLC040381 WB M DP INVESTMENTS & CONSULTANCY SERVICES LT AA AABCM6788M ACTV Non-govt company ITD 88 L65999W81980PLCO33036 W8 SUDAMA TRADING & INVESTMENTS LTD AADCS6067K ACTV Non-govt company ITD 89 L6S999W131992PLCO55265 W8 INTER GLOBE FINANCE LTD AAACI5520N ACTV Non-govt company RD 90 L65999WB1994PLC065255 WB T S L INDUSTRIES LIMITED AABCf9139K ACTV Non-govt company ITD 91 L65999WB1995PLC067887 W8 DECILLION FINANCE LIMITED AACCCOOS2D ACTV Non-govt company ITD 92 L67110W01993PLCO58314 WB MULTIPLUS RESOURCES LTD AA8CM7570K ACTV Non-govt company ITO 93 1.671200R1994PLC003649 OR PRIME CAPITAL MARKET unarm AABCP9313M ACTV Non-govt company ITO 94 L67120W131975PLCO29901 W8 YASHMAN DEEPAK LTD AAACY0995M ACTV Non-govt company ITD 95 1.67120W81978PLCO31561 W8 PINCON SPIRIT LIMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company ITO 96 L67120W81978PLCO31628 WB DWITIYA TRADING LIMITED A480344708 ACTV Non-govt company ITD 97 1.67120W81981PLCO33265 WB SHRIMAHASAT1 INVESTMENTS LTD. AADCS8504M ACTV Non-govt company ITO 98 L67120W81981PLCO33990 WB POSRWE ELECTRONICS LTD AABCP6753D ACTV Non-govt company ITD 99 L67120WB1982PLCO34591 WB RISORGIMENTO INDUSTRIAL CO LTD NULL ACTV Non-govt company ITD 100 L67120WB1982PLCO35305 WB SHREE NIDHI TRADING CO LTD AADCS7865D ACTV Non-govt company ITD 101 L67120WB1982PLCO35323 WB INDESCA COMMERCIAL LTD NULL ACTV Non-govt company ITD 102 1.67120WB1982PLCO35452 WB CONSECUTIVE INVESTMENTS &TRADING CO LTD AAI3CC9267F ACV Non-govt company ITO 103 104 L67120W131987PLC042960 W8 GOENKA BUSINESS & FINANCE LTD AAACG9648P ACTV Non-govt company ITO L67120W131994PLO064134 W8 SUNBRIGHT STOCK BROKING LIMITED AABCB1128L ACT/ Non-govt company RD 105 167120W81994PLC065574 W8 GLOBE STOCKS & SECURITIES LTD AABCG0032A ACV Non-govt company ITO 106 L67190MH2000PLCO33180 MH JMD VENTURES UMITED AAACA4340C ACV Non-govt company KID 107 L67190PN1965PLC142555 PN INNOVENTIVE VENTURE LIMITED AAACK47181 ACTV Non-govt company RD 108 L70101W81980PLCO32922 WB KHARIKATIA TEA & INDUSTRIES LIMITED AAACK9730E ACTV Non-govt company ITD 109 L70101W81982PLCO34928 W8 NIHAL PROJECTS LTD NULL ACM Non-govt company KID 110 L70109W81981PLCO33662 WB RITMAN INFRA LIMITED AAACLS2380 ACV Non-govt company RD 111 L70109W111981PLCO33896 WB SCAN INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED AACCB3214C ACT/ Non-govt company ITD 112 L70109WB1982PLCO34972 W8 GARBI FINVEST LIMITED AAACG933SR ACTV Non-govt company ITD 113 L72900MH1982PLCO27146 MH PS IT INFRASTRUCTURE & SERVICES UMITED AAACP6501C ACTV Non•govt company ITD 114 L72900WB1994PLC066819 WB UNIVERSAL MULTIMEDIA UMRED NULL AMAL Nonlcnrt company ITD 115 L74140MH1983PLCO29378 MH BLUE CIRCLE SERVICES LIMITED AAACV21311 ACTV Non-govt company ITD 116 L74140W131982PL0035394 WB DALMIA INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT LTD AAACD940SB ACTV Non-govt company ITD 117 L74140WB1989PL0347210 WB ST SERVICES LTD AADCSS207K ACTV Non-govt company ITC, 118 L74140W81990PLC049044 WB SHIVOM INVESTMENT & CONSULTANCY LIMITED AAACG93SSK ACTV Non-govt company ITD 119 L742101111995PLCO32921 TN SANGUINE MEDIA UMITED AAEC52217C ACTV Non-govt company ITD 120 L74999W81985PLCO39281 WB IMPOr SERVICES LTD AAACIS977K ACTV Non-govt company ITO 121 L74999W82012PLC181106 WB NEWEVER TRADE WINGS LIMITED AADCN9668B ACTV Non-govt company ITD 122 L92100W81983PLCO36338 W8 WARNER MULTIMEDIA LIMITED AABCCO225H ACTV Non-govt company ITD 123 L92413W820011PLC1245S9 WB ENCASH ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED AAD034721B ACTV Non-govt company ITD 124 L99999W81994PLC410513 W8 SUBHASH CAPITAL MARKETS LTD AADCS8028G ACTV Non-govt company ITD 125 L00000CH1994PLC015150 01 KOHINOOR BROADCASTING CORPORATION UMITE AAAC0409OR ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 126 L01111HR2000PLCO34479 HR RE I AGRO LTD. • NULL NAEF Nonitovt company SFIO 127 1.01120DL1985PLC092375 DL MEGA CORPORATION LIMITED AACCM9506E ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 128 L01403TG2002PLCO39113 TG PROSEED INDIA LIMITED AADC14362N ACTV Non-govt company SF/0 129 1.141030R2000PLC006230 OR ARSS INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS LIMITED AADCA4203D ACTS/ Non-govt company SRO 130 L14200TN1992PLC084227 TN CRAZY INFOTECH LIMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SRO 131 L14200W81994PLC104573 W8 REI AGRO LIMITED AABCR4929H ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 132 L14297AP1988PLC074808 AP YANTRA NATURAL RESOURCES UMITED AACCS4221Q ACV Norveovt company SFIO .133 L15143MH1992PLC066662 MH RASOYA PROTEINS UMITED AABCM1757C ACTV Norvgovt company SFIO 134 115143TG1992PLC015033 TG TRINETHRA INFRA VENTURES LIMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 135 115311WB1993PLC061312 WB SILICON VALLEY INFOTECH LIMITED AABCP57026 ACTV Non-govt company  Non-govt company SF10  SFIO 136 11531901.1985PLCO21348 DL FOCUS INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES LIMITED AAACT1838N ACTV 137 L17100ER1991PLC171468 DL AMIT SPINNING INDUSTRIES LTD AAACA330SM ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 138 L17110G11991PLC015254 G1 PARAS PETROFILS LIMITED AABCP4038P ACTV Non•govt company SF10 139 L17110MH1941PLC003429 MM BIRLA COTSYN (INDIA) UMITED AAAC11362K ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 140 L17112MH1980PLCO23572 MH OXFORD INDUSTRIES UMITED AAAC0103213 ACTV Non•govt company SFIO • 141 1.17119611986PLC009009 G.I 91511 PLAST LIMITED AAACB8SB6B ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 142 L17120MH1987PLC043996 MH TUNI TEXTILE MILLS LIMITED AAACT42441 ACTV Non-govt company SRO 143 L17124RJ1997PLC013498 R1 JAGJANANI TEXTILES LIMITED AAAC.16739Q ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 144 1.17297W81981PLCO34226 WB MAVENS BIOTECH LIMITED AADCM7707N ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 145 1.18100TG1993PLC015268 TG LN INDUSTRIES INDIA UMITED AAACL4102B ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 146 L18101TN1994PLCO26546 TN TATIA GLOBAL VENNTURE UMITED AAACT1724B ACTV Non•govt company SFIO 147 L18109DN1987PLC000034 ON ESKAY K lit IT (INDIA) UMITED AABC$13636 ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 148 1.18109MH1994PLC211249 MH KOFFEE BREAK PICTURES LIMITED. AABCM0521A ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 149 L21012G11961PLC001073 G1 SPECIAUTY PAPERS LIMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 150 L21017P81992PLC012574 PB BECKONS INDUSTRIES LIMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 151 L22120MH1989PLCO54329 MH DSI COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED AAAC0193SA ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 152 L22130G11990PLC014567 6.1 VERONICA PRODUCTION UMITED AACCO5962B ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 153 L22130KA1996PLCO20728 KA CYBERSCAPE MULTIMEDIA LIMITED AAACC68891  NULL ACTV ACTV Non•govt company Non-govt company SRO SRO 154 L22200MH2006PLC160735 MM PARAMOUNT PRINTPACKAGING LIMITED 155 L23100G11990PLC014692 GI KAVIT INDUSTRIES LIMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 156 L23200611994PLCO22009 GI NOVAGOLD PETRO-RESOURCES LIMITED AAACO2454R ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 157 1.23201MH1989PLC0S3232 MH SVC SUPERCHEM UMITED AADCS9367C ACTV Non•govt company SFIO 158 124110611992PLC017164 GI SUNITEE CHEMICALS LIMITED AACCS6737R ACTV Non-govt company SF10 159 124230T61988PLC009102 TG VENNfAX DRUGS AND PHARMACEUTICALS UMITEE NULL ACTV Non-govt company SRO 160 L24230WB1982PLCO34492 WB ADINATH BIOLABS LIMITED AAECA5539M AAACG72731 ACTV ACTV Non-govt company Non-govt company SFIO  SFIO – 161 L24231G11974PLC002615 61 GUJARAT CARBON AND INDUSTRIES LTD 162 L24231G11994PLCO23574 G1 ZENITH HEALTHCARE LIMITED AAACZ0715E ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 163 L26101HP1981PLC004430 HP JAIMATA GLASS LIMITED AAAC13873F ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 164 L27100MH2004PLC146283 MU FACOR STEELS LIMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 165 L27101BR1992PLC005129 BR GANGOTRI IRON & STEEL COMPANY LIMITED AAACE5452B ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 166 L27101W02002PLC094979 WB ANKIT METAL & POWER UMITED AAECA52308 ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 167 L27109611991PLC016200 G1 BARODA EXTRUSION LIMITED AAACB7733L ACT’ Non-govt company SFIO 168 127109HR1980PLC010724 HR PRAKASH INDUSTRIES LIMITED AABCP676SH ACM No•govt company SFIO 169 L271097G1995PLCO22190 TG FARMAX INDIA LIMITED AADCB1600R ACTV Non-govt company SF10 170 L27200MHI98SINCO36369 MH MATRA REALTY LIMITED AAACA5708N ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 171 L27203KA1979PLC003442 KA BHORUKA ALUMINIUM UMITED AAACB8073D ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 172 L272037G1989PLC010409 TG PALCO LIMITED AABCP898812 ACTV Non-govt company 5E10 173 L28932UP1989PLCO22049 UP KO* TOOLS INDIA LIMITED AAACK113SB ACTV Non-govt company RIO 174 L29130DL1960PLC003362 DL SBL INDUSTRIES UNITED AAQCS781U ULQD Non-govt company SRO 175 L29220M141960PLC011773 MH ZENITH BIRIA (INDIA) UMITED AAACZ0103C ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 176 L2922401986PLC009151 G1 JAY ENERGY AND S ENERGIES LTD NULL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 177 L30006G11995PLCO25631 GJ NIMBUS FOODS INDUSTRIES UMITED AAGCS2099Q ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 178 1.3000701.1989PLC131190 DL MPS INFOTECNICS UMITED AAACV48058 ACTV Non-gout company SFIO .:17’9 1.30007W131985PLCO38686 WB BLS INFOTECH UMITED AACCA7999P ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 180 1.31101MH1984PLCO32773 MH BIRLA POWER SOLUTIONS UMRED NULL ULQD Non-govt company SFIO 181 L31300TG1992PLC013772 TG G.R.CABLES LIMITED AAACG7467N ACTV Non-govt company SFK) 182 L32100G1199SPLCO24812 61 MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED AACCM26591 ACV Non-govt company SFIO 183 L3210901.1986PLCO26273 DL NOESIS INDUSTRIES UMITED AAACM69961. ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 184 L32109PB1976PLC003680 PB JCT ELECTRONICS LTD. AAACI4084A ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 18S L32203A51983P1C002082 AS N.E. ELECTRONICS LTD. AAACN6695B ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 186 133100761991PLC013380 TG SECUNDERABAD HEALTH CARE UMITED NULL ACM Non-govt company SFIO 187 133200MH1991PLO062930 MH VENUS UNIVERSAL LTD AAACV7830N ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 188 1.3691001985PLC015915 Gil WINSOME DIAMONDS AND JEWELLERY LIMITED AAACSSS16N ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 189 136999G31995PLCO25177 6.1 ANSHUIS CLOTHING LIMITED AMICM3164H ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 190 L369997N19811PLC015476 TN INFO-DRIVE SOFTWARE UMITED AAAC1943OR ACV Non-govt company SF10 191 L4S200DL2006PLC1S48413 DL MM. UMITED AAFCM2372M ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 192 L4S2006.11995PLCO28373 G1 PRABHAV INDUSTRIES UMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 193 L4S200MH1984PLCO34789 MN NETUNK SOLUTIONS (INDIA) LIMITED AAACV3426E ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 194 L45200MH1992PLC067837 Mil SIKOZY REALTORS LINKED AABCG6302M ACTV Non-govt company SF10 195 L4S201DL1976PLC008294 DI. BHANOT CONSTRUCTION AND HOUSING UMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 196 L45201DL1990N.0040945 DL PARSVNATH DEVELOPERS LIMITED AAACP07431 ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 197 L45201MH1994PLC228982 Mel TRIBHUVAN HOUSING LIMITED AAACT7299M ACT/ Non-govt company SFIO 198 L45201TN1994PLCO29561 TN MARG LIMITED AACCM87706 ACTV Non-govt company SF10 199 L452041N199SPLCO30831 TN PENTASOFT TECHNOLOGIES UMITED NULL AMAL Non-govt company SFIO ZOO 1.45209G1199SPLCO25153 Gl EMPORIS PROJECTS UMITED AABCNO273G ACT/ Non-govt company SFIO 201 L4S209W131982PLCO35392 WB GANGA BUILDERS LTD AAACG9808K ACT/ Non-govt company SFIO 202 L4530910.1995PLC009171 KL SOUTHERN ISPAT AND ENERGY UMITED NULL ACT/ Non-govt company SFIO 203 L45400DL198SPLCO21038 DL G KS INFRASTRUCTURE UMITED . AAACN2655F ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 204 L45400MH1987PLC044094 MN LUHARUKA MEDIA & INFRA UMITED AAACH27356 ACTV Non-govt company SF10 205 L51100G11995PLCO25715 GJ GENUS COMMU-TRADE LIMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SCIO 206 LS19COMH1977PLC019837 MH KARMA INDUSTRIES UMITED AMCS7SS7H ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 207 L51900MH1981PLCO23931 MN EMPOWER INDIA UMITED AAACH3967N ACTV Non-govt company SF10 208 151900MH198SPLCO35195 MN SANTOWIN CORPORATION UMITED AADCS95956 ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 209 L51900MH1985PL0035202 MN SIGNET INDUSTRIES UMITED AABCS34B9F ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 210 LS1900MH1985PLCO35210 MN AVANCE TECHNOLOGIES UNWED AAECA57638 ACTV Non-govt company 5E10 211 L51900MN198SPLCO35433 MN AUTORIDERS FINANCE LIMITED AAACAS922E ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 212 151900MH198SPLCO36156 MN BIRLA CAPITAL AND FINANCIAL SERVICES UMITED AAAC82695M ACTV Non-govt company SF10 213 L51900M11198SPLCO36271 MN SPECTACLE VENTURES UMITED AAACK6S12E ACV Non-govt company 5E10 214 L51909AS198SPLC002290 AS LOGIC INFOTECH LIMITED AAACL9MISG ACV Non-govt company 5E10 215 1.51909AS1988PLC003139 AS NOVELTY TRADERS LTD AABCN8817E ACTV Non-govt company 5E10 216 L51909011984PLC018775 DL CALS REFINERIES LIMITED AAACC0069N ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 217 LS190301994PLCO23211 Si MAHAVIR IMPEX UMITED NULL DRMT Non-govt company SFIO 218 L51909G11995PLCO24874 Si VISHAL EXPORTS OVERSEAS LTD AAACV23540 ACV Non-govt company SFIO 219 151909MH2003PLC138778 MH FIRST WINNER INDUSTRIES UMITED AAACF7079H ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 220 L51909PB1984PLC005969 PB SPARTON COMMERCE LIMTED AAGCS8015C ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 221 1.51909P81984PLO305971 PB SAVERA COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES LTD AAGCS80168 ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 222 L51909W132007PLC117926 WB REI SIX TEN RETAIL UMITED AADCR76371 ACV Non-govt company SFIO 223 1.52100611993PLCO20046 Si NATURAL EXPO AGRO INDUSTRIES UMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 224 LS5101W81983PLCO36362 WB NICCO CORPORATION LTD AMCNOS7OG ACV Non-govt company SFIO 225 L63040W81986PLC040796 WB T. SPIRITUAL WORLD LIMITED AAGCS83791 ACTV Non-govt company Sf10 226 164200P81986PLC006807 PB SG N TELECOMS LIMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 227 1.64202TN1998PLC066604 TN SOS INDIA BF51UMITED AABC70976G ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 228 1659100L1992PLC049014 DL IFL PROMOTERS UMITED AAACI5322C ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 229 L659100199SPLCO26702 Si SUN TECHNO OVERSEAS UMITED AAACW1483E ACTV Non•govt company SFIO 230 L65910HR1983PLO150169 HR SITAL LEASING AND FINANCE LTD AAAC52434F ACTV Non•govt company SFIO 231 L6S910HR1990PLCO30944 HR GEEFCEE FINANCE UMITED AAACG1103H ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 232 L65910UP1992PLC014122 UP DB I INTERNATIONALPTOCK BROKERS UMITED NULL NAEF NOn-gOvt Company SAO 233 L65910WB1984PLCO37614 We NICCO UCO ALLIANCE CREDIT UMITED AMICN5012H ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 234 L6S921DL198SPLCO22476 DL ALLIED HERBALS LIMITED AAACR1S84R ACTV Non-govt company 5E10 235 L65921WEI1991PLCO52026 WB SANCIA GLOBAL INFRAPROJECTS LIMITED AABCG0882E ACV Non-govt company SFIO 236 L65923G11995PLCO25086 Si S J SECURMES UMITED NULL ACV Non-govt company SF10 237 L65929011985PIX021037 DL ALSTONE TEXTILES (INDIA) LIMITED AAACS0913M ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 238 L6S990131.1993PLCO53896 DL SFS INFINITE LIMITED AABCS2473H ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 239 L65990MH1990PLCO56475 MH JIK INDUSTRIES UNITED AABC129821 ACT/ Non-govt company SFIO :240 L6S990MH1991PLC060535 MH LANDMARC LEISURE CORPORATION UNITED AAACL5117A ACT/ Non-govt company SFIO 241 165990MH1994PLC077417 MH GSL SECURITIES LTD ‘ AAACG1845Q ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 242 L65990MH1994PLC081749 MH GEMSTONE INVESTMENTS LIMITED MACG1483A ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 243 L65991W91993PLC060S97 W8 BLUE CHIP INDIA LTD AABC89381K ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 244 165993DL1980PLC010757 DL HILLRIDGE INVESTMENTS LIMITED AAACH0604A ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 245 L65993611990PLC014183 6$ BRULAXMI LEASING AND FINANCE UMITED AAAC89524F ACTV Non-govt company Sf10 246 L65993WB1942PLC010929 WB NICCO CORPORATION LTD. NULL NAEF Non-govt company SF10 247 L65993W01983PL0380793 WB A TN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED AACCA5744Q ACTV Non-govt company SF10 246 L6712001995PLCO24449 G1 AADHAAR VENTURES INDIA LIMITED PABCP4155F ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 249 1.67120HR1992PLCO35349 HR DB (INTERNATIONAL) STOCK BROKERS UMITED AAACD08526 ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 250 L67120MP1992PLC007178 MP PREMIUM CAPITAL MARKET AND INVESTSMENT LI AABCP2228H ACTV . Non-govt company SFIO 251 L67120W131994PLC063008 WB GREENEARTH RESOURCES AND PROJECTS LIMITED AABCN13939 ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 252 L70100MH1982PLCO27198 MH INDIAN INFOTECH AND SOFTWARE LIMITED AAACI0350E ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 253 L70100MH1988PLC049929 MR HIT KIT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS UMITED AAACR2929Q ACTV Non-govt company Sf10 254 L701016.11993PLCO20927 G) GSL NOVA PETROCHEMICALS UNITED AAACN5419K ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 255 L70109DL1995PLC064254 DL REAL GROWTH COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES LIMITE AABCR8653C ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 2S6 L72100DL1993PLC179154 DL FCS SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LIMITED AAACF03251 ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 257 L72200AP1997PLCO27073 AP ED & TECH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED AABCV1500A ACT/ Non-govt company SF10 256 L72200AS1985PLC002426 AS LAFFAN SOFTWARE LIMITED AAACL9664Q ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 259 132200DL1984PLC017510 DL PAN INDIA CORPORATION LIMITED AABCS3367E ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 260 L722000L1992PLC047327 DL SVAM SOFTWARE LIMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO i 261 L72200DL1992PLC241971 DL BITS LIMITED AABC119897N ACTV Non-govt company SF10 262 1.722130M1986PLC006644 TG FRONTIER INFORMATICS LIMITED AAACF51868 ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 263 L72200TG1994PLC017485 T6 CYBERMATE INFOTEK LIMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SF10 264 172200T2199SPLC006017 TZ SMS TECHSOFT (INDIA) UMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 265 L72200W132000P1C111253 WB IKE TECHNOLOGIES UMITED AAACI8167K ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 266 L72300TN1993PLW24748 TN DHANUS TEOSNOLOGIES LIMITED AATCD0716Q ULQD Non-govt company SFIO 267 L72900DL199SPLC067808 DL INTERWORLD DIGITAL UMITED AAACl22216 ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 268 172900KA2001PLCO28944 KA ACROPETAL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED AADCA1623M ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 269 L72900MH2002PLO35829 MH ALUED COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL (ASIA) LIMIT AADCA4412E ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 270 L74140611994PLCO23672 G1 GCV SERVICESUMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 271 272 L74140MH1982PLCO26832 MIT INDO PACIFIC PROJECTS UMITED AABCJ2907C ACTV Non-govt company SFIO L74140MH1987PLC172412 MN RESURGERE MINES & MINERALS INDIA UMITED AAACE011111 AC1V Non-govt company SFIO 273 L74210MH1999PLC122886 MH J. KUMAR INFRAPROJECTS UMITED AAACJ9161C ACT/ Non-govt company SFIO 274 L74210RJ1992PLC007010 RJ DAZZEL CONFINDIVE LIMITED AAACD6399N ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 275 L74210TN1976PLC007142 TN PENTAMEDIA GRAPHICS UMITED AAACF16478 ACTV Non-govt company SF10 276 L74899DL1983PLC016713 DL APOORVA LEASING FINANCE AND INVESTMENT CC AABCA0282A ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 277 1.74899011985PLCO20194 DL SRI AMARNATH FINANCE LIMITED AAACS2837A ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 278 L74899DL1989PLCO35549 DL SANCO INDUSTRIES UMITED AAACS0260K ACTV Non-govt company SF* 279 L748990L1990PLCO39989 DL TEUTON CORP LIMITED AABCT5522A ACV Non-govt company 5E10 280 1.74899D11993PLCO51862 DL BRUSHMAN (INDIA) UMITED AAACB0378D ACTV Non-govt company 5FI0 281 L74899DL1993PLCO54313 DL NU TEK INDIA LIMITED AAACN227OL ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 282 L74899DL1993PLCO56425 DL B T TECHNET LIMITED AABCB9S73F ACTV Nonovt company SFIO 283 1.7489901.1994PLC060154 DL SUNSHINE CAPITAL LIMITED AABCS19131 ACTV Noniovt company SFIO 284 L7489901.1995PLC065028 DL BAMPSL SECURITIES LIMITED AAACB3769Q ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 285 L74900012000PLC106755 IX EDYNAMICS SOLUTIONS UMITEO. AAACE7849N ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 286 17491001992PLC016866 GI INTERFACE FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD AAACI3618P ACTV Non-govt company SF10 287 17499913N1987P1C000035 DN K-UFESTYLE & INDUSTRIES LIMITED AABCS13648 ACT/ Non-govt company SFIO 288 L749996J1994PLCO23281 GI GOYAL ASSOCIATES LIMITED • AAACG6994N ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 289 L74999MH2002PLC134707 MH SUDAR INDUSTRIES UMITED NULL ACTV Non-govt company SF10 290 L8021101.1984PLC018554 DL DMC EDUCATION LIMITED AACCD502313 ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 291 i85110r219971,1C007783 TZ LOTUS EYE HOSPITAL AND INSTITUTE UMITED AABCK9701E AABCM0370P ACTV ACTV Non-govt company  Non-govt company SFIO  SF10 – 292 L91110611995PIX024053 GJ MAHAN INDUSTRIES LIMITED 293 1.9219961199SPLCO24284 GI KHYATI MULTIMEDIA-ENTERTAINMENT UMITED AAACK8579R ACTV Non-govt company SF10 294 L92412MH1992PLC067841 MH IRIS MEDIAWORKS LIMITED AAACB45060 ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 295 L92490MH1989PLC238780 MH G.V. FILMS LIMITED AAACG2118C ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 296 L93000MH1980PLC170432 MH SAGAR PRODUCTIONS LIMITED AAACK98308 ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 297 L99999611994PLCO22000 GI ACIL COTTON INDUSTRIES LIMITED AABCA7788F ACTV Non-govt company SFIO 298 L99999MH1993PLC168521 MH ALKA INDIA UMITED AABCA6702F ACTV Non-govt company SELO 299 L99999MH1994PLC077927 MH FILMCITY MEDIA LIMITED NULL ACTV Nontovt company SFIO 300 1.15431WB1979PLCO32425 WB NAVIN AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD AABCN1403C  AACCE49441. ACTV ACTV NoLgi-  ovt company  Non-govt company EWS Rule Based EWS Rule Based 301 L40300AP1988PLC008213 AP ERGON POWER CORPORATION UMITED 302 L65910PN1994PLC138655 PN BHAGYASHREE LEASING AND FINANCE LIMITED AAAC847191. ACTV Non-govt company EWS Rule Based 303 L65990MH1983PLCO31384 MH STERLING GUARANTY & FINANCE LIMITED AAACS7359F ACTV Non-govt company EWS Rule Based 304 1.65999W81993PLC060888 WB EXIM FINANCE LTD AABCE28761 ACTV Non-govt company EWS Rule Based 305 L10200W131906PLC001672 WB NORTH WEST COAL CO LTD ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 306 L11103MH1985P1CO35826 MH TRINITY TRADELINK UMITED AAFCS8117C ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 307 1.17110611994PLCO22972 6.1 PACIFIC FINSTOCK LIMITED ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 308 117111WB1994PLC065138 WB KNITWORTH EXPORTS LTD. AABCK2231M ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 309 L17122W81994PLC065015 WB 11 SPECTRUM SILK LTD AMAL Non-govt company ASRC 310 L25209DD1994PLC001584 DD MONALISA INFOTECH LIMITED DRMT Non-govt company ASRC 311 L271020R1979PLC000819 OR ORISSA SPONGE IRON AND STEEL LIMITED AAACO2568G ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 312 127109W131981PLCO34197 WB PEEBEE STEEL INDUSTRIES LTD AABCP942413 ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 313 L40100WB1919PLC003227 WI”) rJATELI TEA CO LTD AABCB31581 ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 314 L45400WB1982PLCO34572 WB BIMALSAR PROJECTS LTD ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 315 L51491W81984PLCO38118 WB UNIVERSAL ENTERPRISES LTD AAACU6089Q ACTV Non-govt company ASRC ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 316 L51491WB1986PLC040284 WB DALMIA LAMINATORS LTD AABCD1748C 317 L51503WB1985PLC146584 WB TREVENI INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES LIMITED ACTV Non-govt company ASRC ASRC 318 L51909WB1982PLCO35439 WB AVADH MERCANTILE CO LTD AACCA1137F ACTV i—Tion-govt company 319 L63090WB1980PLCO33011 WB WESTERN FE-ALLOYS LTD ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 320 L65910MH1991PLC062811 MH CONCEPT ASSETS MANAGEMENT LTD AMAL Non-govt company ASRC 321 L65910UP1990PLC012491 UP STENLY CREDIT CAPITAL LIMITED ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 322 L65993WB1974PLCO29198 WB PRATIBHA MANUFACTURING & MARKETING LTD. AACCP8287B ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 323 L65993WB1975PLCO29970 WB UNIQUE MANUFACTURING & MARKETING LTD AAACU3709R ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 324 L65993WB1981PLCO33530 WB SUMAJ INVESTMENTS LTD ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 325 L65999MH1993PLC287894 MH MPF SYSTEMS LIMITED ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 326 L65999WB1983PLCO35980 WB MUKTAMANI FINCO LTD AADCM3379E ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 327 L65999WB1987PLC043284 WB VIKRANT LEASING LTD ACTV Non-govt company ASRC 328 L67120MH1991PLC062812 MH CONCEPT HOLDINGS LIMITED AMAL Non-govt company ASRC 329 L67120WB1972PLCO28257 WB SUPER FINANCE LTD AAGCS7188C ACTV i Non-govt company Non-govt company ASRC ASRC 330 L67120W131982PLCO35324 WB NEW OUTLOOK SECURITIES LTD AABCN6529M ACTV 331 L67120W81995PLC068613 WB STENLY SECURIT ES LTD. ACTV Non-govt company ASRC  










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