List of Richest People In Kolkata

Richest People in Kolkata
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Kolkata is considered as second largest city in India after Mumbai. City is known for it’s marvelous infrastructure and some of the most historical monuments. The city has produced some of the most notable poets, writers, film producers, businessmen, noble prize winners etc. In the list of richest people in Kolkata, we have listed down here top 10 richest people from Kolkata.

The list contains top ten richest people in kolkata.

1. Benu Gopal Bangur

benu gopal bangur net worth

Net Worth (2017) – 6.7 Billion $

Benu Gopal Bangur is considered as richest bengali in the world. He is an Indian businessman and founder of Shree Cement. Bangur was born in 1931 and finished his schooling from Calcutta University. After finishing his degree, Benu Gopal took over his family business which was running since 19th century. With his hard work and dedication, Bangur took Shree Cements to new heights and today the company valuation is well over 20 Billion USD.

2. Harsh Goenka

harsh goenka net worth

Net Worth – 2.5 Billion USD

Harsh Goenka is an Indian businessman who is also the chairman of RPG Enterprises. The enterprise is one of the largest business groups of India. Harsh took over the charge of the company from his father, R.P. Goenka and today the company’s turnover is worth over 3 Billion yearly.

After finishing his schooling from St Xaviers College, Kolkata, Harsh started his career in Mumbai and son became the Managing Director of CEAT. Today his enterprises deals in infrastructure, distribution, plantations, tyres, technology etc. Harsh belongs to a rich Marwadi family and his grand father was the Indian Chairman of Imperial Bank of India.

He is another richest bengali in the world.

3. Amar Gopal Bose

amar gopal bose net worth

Net Worth – 2 Billion USD

Amar Bose is an Indian origin entrepreneur who has worked in United States for most part of his life. He is an electrical and sound engineer, who went on to teach at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Bose taught at MIT for 45 long years and later founded Bose Foundations.

For his phenomenal contributions to the field of science, Bose received various awards and honors. Before his death, Bose donated most of his company to MIT in te form of non-voting shares.

4. Sanjiv Goenka

sanjiv goenka net worth

Net Worth – 1.9 Billion USD

Sanjiv Goenka is the Bengali origin businessman who is the chairman of RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group. The group has an asset base of over 5 Billion USD. His group is known to have over 50000 employees, which generates an annual turnover of well over 3 Billion USD.

Goenka has under his wings various other notable companies which include, CESC limited, Firstsource Solutions Limited, ISGN solutions and Spencer’s retail. His group New Rising also owns the IPL team Rising Pune Supergiants. in 2015, Goenka received ‘Banga Bibhusan 2015’, the highest civilian award of West BEngal from the CM Mamta Banerjee.

As of now, Sanjiv Goenka net worth is close to 2 Billion dollars.

5. Anand Burman

anand burman net worth

Net worth – 1.5 Billion USD

Anand Burman is an Indian origin businessman and the chairman of Dabur, a leading consumer’s goods company. Dabur is the leading goods company in the markets of India since last three decades.

After finishing his degree from University of Kansas in US, Anand joined his family business in India. He joined the company in 1986 and became the chairman of the company in 2007. Anand has been recognized the Entrepreneur of the year in the year 2011.

6. Subrata Roy

subrata roy net worth

Subrata Roy is a businessman who is the founder and chairman of Sahara India, an Indian conglomerate that has various businesses under it’s wings. Roy’s group is said to have ‘the second largest number of employers’ in India after Indian Railways.

Roy joined a struggling company named as Sahara Finances in 1978. He changed the finance model of the company and since then the company has emerged as one of the largest and most profitable companies in India. Roy’s name is involved in various illegal issues but despite of  that he was one of the top 10 powerful people of India in 2014.

7. Purnendu Chatterjee

purnendu chatterjee net worth

Net Worth – 800 Million USD

Purnendu Chatterjee is an Indian businessman and founder and chairman of The Chatterjee Group. He is also the executive director of ISB, Hyderabad.

After graduating from IIT Kharagpur, he worked as a research associate at the Stanford University. The TCG Group today deals in various sectors which include real estate, investment banking, sciences etc. The group is said to  employ over 8000 people in various businesses.


This was the list of top richest people from Kolkata. The facts  and figures have been collected from the trusted and renowned sources over internet. In case of any query, feel free to write us in the comment section. We will update the list as and when there would be any changes in it.