Microsoft Kaizala is a made for India workforce productivity mobile app

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Microsoft India has launched a new mobile application named ‘Kaizala’, made specifically for India, for large group communications and work management. The company says that the platform will work even at remote locations as it comes with 2G optimisation.

You can add as many people in the group as you want. Further, you can also groups to other groups. It also offers the ability to create polls, documents, and surveys. These can then be shared to the group to get response from the masses.

With the app, Microsoft is not looking at the one-to-one communication but is aiming to serve to customers who need to talk to dozens, hundreds and thousands of people at once.

Microsoft has been testing Kaizala with governments and businesses for months in India. During this period, the company says, more than 30 government departments have signed up to the platform. More than 70,000 people from the state government are already using Kaizala for day-to-day work.

Rajiv Kumar, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft India, said,

We are implementing machine learning in the back with the Kaizala app. Conversation is becoming the platform on which many apps are being built. The app removes noise, unlike other chat apps. Say if you want to do a survey with all your employees, you can send it to everyone in the form of a card, and then see the data in one place, instead of going through individual messages.

Kaizala is powered by Azure Cloud platform, and the company has announced an enterprise version called ‘Kaizala Pro’ which allows organisations to have full administrative control of their groups. Both Kaizala and Kaizala Pro are integrated with Microsoft Office 365.

This comes at a time when Facebook is increasingly looking at businesses and enterprises and find a revenue source. Last year, the company announced that it will open WhatsApp platform for businesses to hook into its service. While the company is still working on the project, it already has got a major competitor.