Prestigious b-schools report about increased placement offers by startups and e-commerce companies


With startups and E-commerce companies likely to enter into higher growth phase, tech and management placements witness surge in offers. As per reports by many major management institutes, owing to increased funding startups and e-commerce companies are looking for the premium talent-mostly engineer turned management students.

Many prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) and other B-schools including IIM Bengaluru, Kolkata and Kozhikode, and the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) have alluded to this growing sentiment of surge in campus placements offer by startups and e-commerce companies which have recently gained funding.

“Most startups and e-commerce companies are entering a high growth phase and they are hungry for talent with management and tech skills,” said Abhishek Goel, chairperson of career development and placement office at IIM-Calcutta. He also added that the companies were offering higher salaries compared to last year.

The increase in hiring is also due to the fact that there is an increased pressure on new startups from their respective investors. So they are looking for hiring fresh premium talent.

Most of the placement officials confirmed with the sentiment. As per Delhi’s prestigious B-school, FMS Delhi, the number of offers from the e-commerce sector and startups has more than doubled. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Oyo, OfBusiness, Paytm and Rivigo made 48 offers, compared with 20 from same segments last year. The same trend was echoed by IIM Bangalore with offers getting almost doubled compared to previous year.

Funding is the main factor that drives growth in placements offer by startups and e-commerce companies. Earlier, in 2016 the segment went through a rough phase owing to bad job scenario. Even big e-commerce giants like Flipkart couldn’t face the bad phase, when Flipkart and some others had deferred offers to campus recruits. This led to ban of some big companies for placement hiring by B-schools, but now the situation seems to be easing looking at the  new sentiment aforesaid.

“Given that these are early years for E-commerce in India, every day brings in fresh challenges to the table. The management trainee talent provides the enthusiasm and fresh perspective required for solving new problems,” said Sandeep Nainwal, head of university relations at the Walmart-owned E-commerce firm.


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