Reliance Industries to close Krishna-Godavari oilfield

Reliance Industries (RIL) is winding up its sole oil field, Krishna-Godavari D26 located in the eastern coast of India due to natural depletion in its oil production.

A media report by Live Mint reported RIL’s statement, “This is to inform that MA (D26) field in Block KG-DWN-98/3 (KGD6), which is being operated by RIL as an operator of the joint venture consisting of RIL (60%), BP (30%) and NIKO (10%), has ceased production on 17th September 2018. Post-cessation activities related to the safe shutdown of the field are underway.”

Reliance Industries located 19 oil and gas fields in Krishna Godavari basin. MA or D26 was the sole oilfield in the basin whose production began in 2008. In its first month after discovery, the field manufactured 39,976 tonnes of crude oil which dramatically increase to 1,08,418 tonnes in mid-2010. The production of oil in the field has been slipping since then.

Till today, the oilfield had manufactured 0.53 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gas ad 31.4 million barrels of oil. As per the company’s anticipation, the field was supposed to have a life of 15 years but have exhausted within a decade.

RIL along with British multinational oil and gas company is now focusing on the development of R-Cluster, Satellite Cluster and MJ field in KG-D6 block.


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