SpiceJet in talks to lease Jet Airways’ grounded planes to keep airfares in control


With SpiceJet close to finalizing a deal with the lessors of Jet Airways the air fares are expected to come done with the end of the deal. Earlier, air fares skyrocketed in the last few week owing to different reasons like grounding of Jet Airways planes due to non payment to lessors, the ongoing shortage of pilots in Indigo and the most recent grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 8 by the civil aviation ministry after the crash of Etopian plane on 10th March. Spice Jet was the most airline as it had to ground many of its planes to comply with the DGCA orders post the airline crash.

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Now, as per some source in the know of the deal between Jet Airways lessors and SpiceJet, the carrier is willing to take 50 grounded planes of Jet Airways on lease as a quick fix to suffice its demand and restore the working efficiency to normal. “Commercial negotiations are on for the leasing deal with SpiceJet. It will make immense sense to find an operator in India for these grounded planes than taking them elsewhere,” said the person who spoke on condition of anonymity,” he said.

With Jet Airways operating at just about 41 airplanes out of its about 120+ air plane fleet. The situation in the air space can become more worse as its operational flights are likely to reduce more in the coming future.

Now, at such a crucial time the decision of SpiceJet to lease the grounded planes of Jet Airways comes as a blessing for both the aviation industry which needs more such efforts to recover from on going crises as well as for passengers, who from past few weeks are facing problem of inflating air fares and last minute cancellation of flights from Jet Airways and SpiceJet and.

But, all of this will still take a few more weeks because of the formalities pertaining to leasing deal and painting of the aircraft before they start their new journey with a new name.

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