Stock Market Weekly Report: Market performs worst since February 2016


Closing Stats: The latest trends of Benchmark indices suggest that they have been performing the worst since February 2016. The BSE sense and NSE’s Nifty 50 descended for the third day, reported NDTV

On Friday, BSE Sensex dropped 97 points, 0.27% to close at 36,227.14. NSE’s Nifty 50 slipped 47.10 points, or 0.43% to settle at 10,930.45. 

Stock Highlights:

Stocks which gained the most this week

On BSE, National Oxygen (+27.56%), Modern Steel (+27.49%), Vaarad Ventures (+27.42%) , Riga Sugar Company (+27.29%), and Monnet Ispat (+27.22%) were the top players.

The top gainers on NSE included, Prakash Steel (+71.43%), Spacenet Enterprise (+62.50%) , Money Ispat (+27.05%), Ruchi Infra(+25.49%) and Gangotri Text (+24.72%)

Stocks which lost the most this week

Infibeam Avenue Ltd. (-67.58%), Umiya Tubes (49.97%), Adlabs Entertainment Ltd. (-42.23%), TGB Banquets (-36.01%) and Sankhya Infotech (-32.78%) were on BSE’s weekly losers list.

Infibeam Avenue Ltd. (-67.92%), Blue Chip India (50.00%), Uttam Value Stl (50.00), Adlabs Entertainment Ltd. (-42.23%), TGB Banquets (-37.86%) traded in red on NSE.

List of factors that might affect stock returns in next 6 months

  • Depreciating Currency– The Indian rupee has posted a fall of nearly 13% this year. The exporters are likely to increase export but in the end the prices are likely to go high affecting stock market the most.
  • Higher Crude Oil Price- Crude oil prices have disrupted the Indian from past few weeks now. With US Sanction effective from November 1, the price of the crude oil is sky-rocketing. It has touch $80 per barrel. The trends suggest that it will cross $100 in the coming days.
  • Election-2019- Lok Sabha elections 2019 are likely to decide the stock trends. Along with it election of five states in line is a major factor to be considered by investors.
  • Global Trade War- The global trade war between US-Chine may force commodity stocks to suffer. Although Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley earlier today stated that US-China trade war make India a manufacturing hub. 
  •  NBFC Crisis- The non-bank financial companies might face difficulty in raising the money post IL&FS crisis.


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