TATA Communications To Facilitate Indigenously Developed Digital Ecosystem

TATA communicationns launches new platform SCDX

The international digital platform, Tata Communications announced the launch of ‘Secure Connected Digital Experience’ (SCDx). This news came today through the official press release. This platform will help industries to restore and adjust their standards for a post-COVID environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic required companies throughout the world to adjust quickly and to bear the huge disruption to everyday life. Many countries are now cautiously coming out of lockdown. As a result, businesses are viewing to redesign and restructure their methods for a modified yet tentative scene.

Tata Communications’ SCDx scheme is aimed to fit this growing, global need for new modes of functioning. Therefore, involving considerably higher levels of operating from home, growing security risks, a transfer to digital trade and more contactless experiences for workers, consumers and supply chain partners. SCDX will assist firms currently depending on short-term fixes, such as consumer-grade forms or workers’ home broadband connections by giving holistic, stable, enterprise-level digital resolutions that discuss current trials and are suited for the long run.

What does the SCDX scheme offer?

  • Tata Communications Secure Connected Digital Workplace allows business employees (those who normally work from the office as well as those operating in the field), to work smoothly and safely from anyplace. This is done through a developed, expandable and high-performance remote workplace solution for complete predisposition.
  • Tata Communications Digital Customer Experience Platform refreshen the in-store action online for B2C firms, with the next generation of business and video collaboration answers for better digital customer commitment.
  • SCDx will facilitate the supply chain ecosystem with strong access to business focus applications and acutely enhanced production for third parties by making supply chains highly transparent and increasingly digital.

International digital platform, Tata Communications announced the launch of 'Secure Connected Digital Experience' (SCDx)

A.S Lakshminarayanan, MD and CEO, Tata Communications maintains, “COVID-19 is serving as an agitator and stimulant of business transformations. In the current period, millions of workers have endured working remotely and customers have adopted digital shopping and delivery. Besides, firms have accommodated to doing more, virtually. A new existence has been produced by these changes and we are not going back to how things were done before.”

“As enterprises shift from focusing on business continuity to business recovery and growth, they urgently need to rethink their digital strategies and transform themselves to prosper in this digital-first ecosystem. With Secure Connected Digital Experience, our goal is to enable enterprises to adopt new digital working models, accelerate their time to market and drive agility and resilience, giving them the tools to innovate, invent, and redefine their employee, customer and supply chain experience.”


Range of services

Tata Communications will provide a wide series of services to companies looking to improve and safeguard their employee experience with the help of SCDX. Furthermore, It will render reliable and high-production, zero-trust network access (ZTNA) through an association with NetFoundry, a subsidiary of Tata Communications.

The zero-trust solution grants workers a secure path to applications and data stored on the cloud, despite position, device or broadband connectivity, with 3-10X performance expedition. This is important for firms who want to digitally reconstruct and encompass higher levels of remote working but require reliance that workers can reach records and apps securely and with an enterprise-grade knowledge, even on a remote broadband connection.

Tata Communications Secure Connected Digital Workplace solution will also allow firm based collaboration and defence solutions, guaranteeing that dispersed units can cooperate without compromise. To promote modernisation, potency and performance the scheme will provide seamless features like video, voice, messaging, etc. as well as protected access to applications behind company firewalls.

SCDX will provide IOT-based workers health and security wearables and SafePassTM smart ID cards
It will provide IOT-based workers health and security wearables and SafePassTM smart ID cards, which allow adequate social distancing, employee tracing and other security measures while improving worker wellbeing and reducing workplace risks in an industrialised or campus setup.

Tata Communications’ Secure Connected Digital Experience (SCDX) models on the company’s centre towards principles and resolutions for clients. The proposal leverages Tata Communications’ controlled service abilities and foundation and strives to drive knowledge across next-generation connectivity, collaboration, cloud, and security.

Tata Communications has continued supporting clients to use appropriate solutions in record time during this global pandemic. In many cases, generating modifications and upgrades in record time. The firm has allowed tens of thousands of workers globally to work remotely over more than 150 companies including Tata Consultancy Services, with many more under deployment.

Pramod Maharana, IT Manager, Atos Syntel and a customer of TATA communications states, “The COVID pandemic and consequent remote work imperatives have driven to the necessity of a reliable and safe interface. Tata Communications executed a crucial role in setting up a proactive business flow strategy to assure we ascended our network connectivity in an agile method without any bandwidth limitations. “


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