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Stuck at home in a Lockdown counting down days to when you will go out? Try new things? Your wait ends now!

As social animals, before Covid-19 pandemic, we never really had the prospect to explore the different side of ‘work from home’ that required minimum efforts in execution if and only if, you mastered the art behind it.

The best part? It not only builds your skills but also helps you make money starting at a very young age. Finally, you’ll be the one among those that earned money at the leisure of their homes and made it big at a young age.

Quarantines like these are often a chance to actually discover your true passion that didn’t rise-up in your mainstream educational career.


Learning new additional skills may be a good way to form extra cash and advance your career. If the thought of spending years in a classroom for a decent job overwhelms you, fear not. While getting a degree requires years of study, acquiring a replacement skill can take a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

Having the proper skill can make your resume stand out and increase your value to your employer or aids you in becoming your own boss too.

This EXTRA knowledge differentiates you from others and will offer you more negotiating power and leverage during salary discussions. Use your knowledge to differentiate yourself and continue so far with industry trends.

Ready to start learning? Here is our top money-making ‘list’ of skills for you to start today!

Skill 1: Forex Trading-


Forex or Foreign exchange , enables us to trade alien currencies. In simple words, it’s the conversion of one currency into another. it’s one among the foremost actively traded markets within the world, with a mean daily trading volume of $5 trillion.

Forex trading involves buying and selling the important currency. for instance , you’ll buy a particular amount of Euros and exchange it for Rupees, then once the worth of the Euros increases, you’ll exchange these Euros for Rupees again, gaining additional than what you originally invested into it .

Forex Trading is accessible, exciting, educational, and offers traders many opportunities. Despite all this, many traders fail to find out the way to become successful traders, and do not achieve good leads to this market. the only reason is that they never hung out mastering the trading skills.

Being able to speak about ratios, charts, indexes and trading should be considered a skill to aspire to once you start to find out about Forex trading. within the beginning, it are often tempting to rush through your learning, but it is vital that you simply step back, take the time you would like , and advance at a wise rate.

Skill 2: Social Media Marketing-

2020 is being ruled by this skill and we cannot stress enough. If you already are in the field of marketing it’s likely you’ve noticed the increasing power of social media in this sector.

Workplaces are increasingly trying to find people with social media expertise to harness this power. At present , internships in India have quite 10,000 job opportunities exclusively for people in digital and social media marketing.

On average an individual in today’s world spends 6-8 hours on social media every single day. Well if you’re just getting to scroll through feeds and invest such bountiful hours might also us the power for your personal growth and financial benefit

social media

Skill 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Writing-

Writing for websites and blogs is different from say, writing for a magazine or brochure- this skill if possessed will cause you to rich. SEO writing also requires knowledge in keyword research.

I started learning SEO through free online resources like Youtube. Later, I improved my skills with a couple of paid courses on Coursera and Udemy and it’s now gradually paying off as I’m putting it to practise.

This is an honest skill to master out because more and more companies are trying to find paid writers with talent to extend their organic traffic and earn more. It’s not about merely being present online, it’s about being seen first in search results.

Skill 4: Microsoft Excel-

If you don’t enjoy formula, math and logic, this is often probably not something you’ll have an interest in.

But if you would like to climb the company ladder within less time and efficiency ‘Excel for Business’ may be a literal Life Hack. Once you begin using MS Excel you’ll quite enjoy them and definitely make this one among the talents to find out to form money.


The fact is that Microsoft Excel may be a powerful tool with many features that a majority of individuals don’t realize . It’s capable of performing tonnes of functions if we all know the formula and the way to line the logic.

I was blown away by what some people could do with Microsoft Excel. You can watch such videos of individuals doing mind-boggling things on Excel which for non-excel learners may appear as if a magician’s tricks.

Many small and large companies still believe spreadsheets to manage their data. With this skill, you’ll teach these companies the way to process their data very quickly.

To stress thereon more, I was once rejected from a job for lacking the knowledge of Excel. Later I took upon myself to master it and got accepted within the same company for a far better position than what I had applied for.

While finding out Excel you must also mount to Microsoft PowerPoint for further more success in corporates.

Skill 5: Coding Programmers-

As an educator to the teenagers and young adults (14-21 years), I’m consistently empowering myself to stay up with the most recent ways to interact with students along the 21st Century concepts. Coding has also proved to be one of the leading careers in the coming years.


Beginner programmers make around $52,000, junior coders make around $65,500 and therefore the experts earn a hefty $96,000. This comes bent be $213,500. (Annual figures)

Coding features its own language. Language teaches children how to communicate and teaches reasoning. Language also strengthens both verbal and written skills. Children grasp languages faster than adults. It helps them to understand the diversity around them better.

What better way to understand how the technology around us operates than by learning to code and directly chatting with techs around us.

Skill 6: Copywriting & Content Writing-

The above mentioned two are definitely not an equivalent . However, people confuse it together. Hence we are mentioning it together for you to differentiate between and choose which appeals to you.

Copywriting is that the art of selling people on an idea , brand, or ideology. the simplest copywriting fuses the products and beliefs of a brand together to make branding. Copywriting is promotional in nature as its intent is to attract customers to use a brand’s products or use its services.


The fundamental difference between copywriting and content writing is its Purpose.

Copywriting is selling your version of your brand; content writing is very smoothly telling about the brand with creative and valuable content. Content writing is that the art of producing content.

It must either inform, educate or entertain; it must have a transparent purpose and/or reason behind the piece; it must represent the brand’s voice; it must be an honest read. the simplest content writing is targeting the quality of the editorial, no matter if it comes from a brand or a publisher.

For brands (and some data-driven publishers), content writing aligns with strategic business and marketing goals to draw in audiences and potential customers.

The two, of course, do share similarities. For one thing- Goals. Both copywriting and content writing ultimately seek to convert a reader into a purchaser and both are to be well-written.

Skill 7: New or Foreign Language-


Learning a replacement language becomes harder when it’s not similarities to your language or the regional languages that you simply speak. You’ll need to understand the grammar, style and syntax before you’ll speak it fluently.

But once you are learning it , it’s easier to relate the differences to someone who speaks your language or the languages you speak. So for instance , if you weren’t born in Japanese speaking regions and you learned to talk Japanese fluently, it’ll be easier for you to show others who are willing to find out Japanese and spread your knowledge.

What I’m trying to mention is, if you learn another language, you can teach it to people that speak your mother tongue/regional language during a way that they will understand easily. And you might as well charge them for it of course!

“If you’re good at something, never do it for free!”

Skill 8: Caricature Drawing-

CARICATURE DRAWING     A caricaturist is an artist who draws portraits of individuals and pictures that exaggerate their facial and bodily features, also as personality elements.

These portraits are easily recognizable and should be either complimentary or a harmlessly funny experience to the person being drawn.

The best part is you don’t need any specific educational qualification. All you need is development of skills like: Ability to draw quickly and satisfy customer, software like Adobe Photoshop could also be required. Ability to draw quickly and satisfy customer, software like Adobe Photoshop could also be required.

Freelance caricaturists can also got to use computer programs to assist create and enhance their drawings. Familiarity with software programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign are often beneficial for a career in caricature.

Skill 9: Google Analytics certification-

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification is absolutely worth it . With this certification, you’ll devour an abundance of useful analytic knowledge which can assist you understand Online Analytics better.


You’ll gain in-depth insight into Google Analytics, which may assist you better understand your website data. Plus, your certification enables you to become knowledgeable web analyst for your company.

These benefits allow you to understand your SEO campaign better and produce more valuable results for your business.

The Best News– it’s available for FREE! albeit you fail the exam, you could take it once again without having to pay a thing.

Skill 10: Creative Photography-

Be it weddings, birthdays or festivals, the competition to urge the simplest picture for social media is at an all-time high. From an ear of ‘selfie’ we’ve now evolved to creative high-quality DSLR pictures. People not want ordinary pictures but the one’s that stand out.


Photography skills are often attained through practice and study of various methods and techniques also as one’s creativity. the sweetness truly lies within the eyes of the beholder.

This is one of those skills that require quite bit of investment on lens and lighting equipment, plus you’ll need to determine the way to use an editing software if you would like to form real money.

But if you’ll afford it, you’ll create a profile on Instagram and acquire projects shooting weddings, parties and other special occasions. a minimum of for friends and family within the beginning. Or, you will find out the way to shoot photos employing a smartphone and charge to point out others.

Skill 11: Facebook Ads Management –

facebook ads

Not many businesses are ready to buy a rich agency to manage their  Facebook Ads but most businesses are aware of the need to be present online using Facebook and Instagram ads.

By learning advertisement, management for Facebook and other social media, you’ll quickly rise up to hurry as a business to find out the way to create your own Facebook and Instagram ads.

Learn to travel beyond the boost button and start creating ads using Ads Manager, Facebook’s powerful tool that gives you more ad options, better reporting, plus more control over your ads and budget.

Learn the worth of using Facebook’s tracking pixel on your website, plus the way to install it and confirm it’s working.

Once you have attained this skill many small and big businesses will be waiting to grasp you in their organisation.

Skill 12: Blockchain Developer ( Crypto-currency software) –

blockchain developer

Technology changes faster than you blink. If you’re even today writing Java codes or just using PowerBuilder, you’re probably living within the past and soon might be in the danger of being out dated. Things have changed now.

You need to require a step ahead and walk with the revolutionary technologies where Blockchain is one of the leaders.

Blockchain is the core technology of cryptocurrencies, so by understanding the concepts of Blockchain, you will be able to make smarter investments and trading in digital currencies like bitcoins.

Learn Blockchain technology while it is still only known to few hence you will be in demand for this skill of yours and not in a already saturated industry.

Blockchain is a booming sector, there are ample opportunities waiting for you in the market.

If you think that you’ve got the proper skill sets to figure in Blockchain domain and need to urge adapted to the present trending wave, then you’ll be ready to swim within the sea of jobs and luxuriate in the facility of this revolutionary platform.

Skill 13: Blogging- Affiliate Marketing.


We talked about SEO, content and copywriting earlier and you might be wondering how blogging is different from that.

With SEO writing skills, you can offer your service to other bloggers and web owners. But blogging is more than just SEO writing. If it’s your own blog, you need to focus on traffic, social media presence, creating e-mail options, sending out newsletters, SEO writing, marketing and tonnes of other things.

You can outsource certain tasks of course. But the best part is that the money you make from your blogging skills through affiliate marketing, advertising, product sales and sponsorship posts, are all yours.

Skill 14: Calligraphy-

You wouldn’t have expected this here, but there is a reason why Calligraphy and style of writing (not handwritings) is gaining a trend lately among people of all fields.


          Did you know?

          Steve Jobs the legendary co-founder of Apple, sat in a calligraphy class at his College, which eventually inspired the elegance for which Apple computers are renowned, the tech legend revealed in his famous 2005 commencement address at University of Stanford .

“It was the primary computer with beautiful typography,” Steve Jobs said. “If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts.” The dots eventually connect! No skill learnt ever goes to vain.

But how can Calligraphy help you earn money from home?

Working with clients is a quick way to make money with calligraphy. Or you can create fonts, design printable or make framed quotes for sale online.

A lot of businesses don’t have time to come up with original quotes and designs and prefer to buy ready-made ones for a small fee. If you are a creative person and you enjoy design work, this skill can fill your wallet and your soul.

Skill 15: Website / App Development-

app development

Today we can see more entrepreneurs are emerging and they need some medium digitally to market their business, so the right one is websites and mobile apps. With websites and mobile applications one can market their services or buy/sell the products with the large customer base.

So the medium has got to be lucid and simple operation for the user to explore the business service. For developing such web sites one has to be master in web designing, web development, graphics design, hosting, digital marketing, etc.

Finally, when there’s demand within the market then there’ll be an opportunity! Right skill set will assist you to understand or acquire the business.

After you complete the online development course, you can get a job in an IT company or can do freelancing for people out there who are ready to pay thousands even lakhs for their websites and apps.

The second reason is you’ll work from anywhere you would like . There are no limitations. You have no need to sit in one place.

You can work even while traveling. But for this, you need to learn web/app development and master it with perfection to get the best benefits.

Skill 16: Public Speaking-

Can anyone make money learning skills as simple as public speaking?

Turns out, yes.

U.S. President Donald Trump was paid $1.5 million per speech in the 2007 Real Estate Wealth Expo.

If you are an expert in a subject such as baking or cryptocurrency or anything really, you can charge people to hear you speak based on your experience. It’s said that Donald Trump was paid $1.5 million per speech in the 2007 Real Estate Wealth Expo. If you’re not Trump and I’m guessing you’re not, you’re unlikely to make that amount.

But you can still earn a handsome amount through keynote speaking, seminars and training. Learn how to speak in public, hone your presentation skills, prepare your materials and you’re good to go. But first, be an expert in something.

Skill 17: Resume writing-


Everyone who needs a job has a resume, right?

But there is a big difference between having a resume and having an excellent resume. A resume fulfils a requirement. An excellent resume tells a story about you and sells your personality, achievements and potentials. And that is what a professional resume writer does.

They add shine to your resume by not only highlighting what you’ve done in the past, but also how much you can contribute to future employers in quantifiable terms.

It’s a skill and it’s a skill that not many possess. As a beginner, you can offer your services to fresh graduates and men/women who are re-entering the job market after raising a family.

Nowadays there are many free resume makers found online, however what will set you apart is a unique style and original content as everything on the internet is seen for and used for.

Start learning one skill at a time and soon you will find your passion and maybe even your career.

The day you think – “I can’t believe they pay me good money to do something like this” because you enjoyed what you did, then there you go!

Passion found, skill utilised, money earned and happy learning.

By Kritika Krishnakumar

Kritika is a News Reporter and Creative Content Writer at The Indian Wire. An ambitious Student with curious nature towards learning. Also, an inspiring Teacher in the field of Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics and Commerce.

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